Pavlova....the best dessert on the planet

I love pavlova (a meringue based dessert) and so does my family.  To me it is the PERFECT summer Christmas dessert.  And for this reason I made it tonight for a mini Christmas dinner (as my son and his girlfriend won't be with us on Christmas Day).   I have attached a link to the recipe: Pavlova recipe  - it is easy to make, but remember don't store the pavlova in the fridge once cooked as it can make it soggy.  The pavlova should be crispy on the outside and marshmallow in the middle.

The two pictures below are after I have mixed the ingredients and created the meringue  - it should be very glossy and have these lovely peaks.

One of the best parts of making the pavlova is licking the beaters once I have finished, I only ever make it when I am home alone so I get to lick both beaters - just delicious :-)!!!

Once it is cold it is ready to eat - I tend to make the pavlova the day before but not add the cream until we are ready to eat.  It will crack, but that is fine - once the whipped cream is added it is all covered up.  PS Don't open the oven whilst it is cooking, in fact contrary to this recipe I turn off the oven and leave the Pavlova in the oven all night - it does stop it from sinking.

I must point out that the picture below is not the one I made tonight - I wasn't quick enough with the camera and I only have 1/4 left.  Tonight I covered the pavlova in whipped cream, heaps of strawberries, passion fruit and violet crumble. but you can cover it in anything you like g kiwi fruit, raspberries, peaches, banana etc....

Pavlova was made in honour of the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova (1885-1931), when she toured Australia and New Zealand dessert in the 1920's 


  1. Oh wow, Jo, this looks yummy and I could eat it right now!!! Thanks for the recipe.

    I assume this is the post that you submitted for the meme? I wasn't sure as you didn't link to the post page but instead linked to your main blog page. If you do that, people who read the meme post on another day won't be able to see what you posted.

    Also, I'd appreciate it if you'd mention that you were linking to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" meme and do a courtesy link back to my blog.

    That way your readers will be able to see what everyone else is doing and it's also a courtesy link, as I said.

    You can find a link to instructions about how do the meme on my post today if you'd like to read them! Let me know if you have any trouble with the courtesy link and I'll be happy to help. Thanks for linking up today!

  2. I forgot I wanted to respond to your comment. We don't spend huge amounts of money on our children compared to our friends. We just have never wanted to go into debt over Christmas.

    So, consequently, our kids don't get things like a wii or an air hockey table or a plasma t.v. However, in those cases, I think the parents in question were also thinking that the whole family could enjoy those gifts, you know?

    Years ago, a friend of mine said she wanted to cut down on her Christmas spending that year.

    Then she said she needed one more little gift for her daughter, so she bought her a $150 camera. To me, that was not a little gift but a huge gift, and I would not be spending that much one gift for my child anyway.

    But to her, it was small as they were used to spending about $3,000 on Christmas gifts and then spending months and months paying it off.

    I just thought it was funny that such a huge expensive (to me) gift was small to her, lol!

  3. Looks very nice...though I'm not a big meringue person. My husband might like it, though...

    I have a stupid "only someone who lives in the Northern Hemisphere would as this question" question. Are Christmas cookies a big thing in Australia? Here we all bake cookies for Christmas because it's cold and baking heats up the house. I'm not sure, however, what I would do if Christmas was in the summer...

  4. Hi Val - in response to your question about baking for Christmas - its too hot right now to use the oven, so no I am not doing any baking as it make the kitchen to uncomfortable.

    However as it is going to be cool and wet on Christmas day we are planning a roast turkey for lunch and baked ham for dinner (with plum puddings).

    Hi momstheword - sorry for any confusion - I hadn't written this post in relation to your meme.

    Thanks for the story on the cost of gifts - $3000 is HUGE!!!! and who wants to spend months pay that off.

    Thanks for leaving a message on my blog.


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