The view from my front porch looking at my garden at dusk. With water restrictions I can only water every second night between 7:00 to 10:00 using a hand-held hose.
Considering this, it is doing very well.

The agapanthus has started to flower. As soon as they flower the spiders arrive and spin their webs through the flowers.

Steven is training the Dobermans to sit and listen to commands.  They are quite good. Notice that ones has his tail and one doesn't.  Brenin was born in WA where it is legal to remove the tail, Gaia in the ACT where it is against the law.
If Gaia hits you with his tail it REALLY hurts!

This is Brenin who turned 2 on the 24th November.
He is a very sweet 36kg pup! who has a cheeky streak. He loves to steal tissues out my pockets to eat!

This is my cat Charlie - she patiently sat while I took closeup photos of her.  She has now gone to bed (her bed is under our bed and to her it must feel like a cave!!)


  1. Such wonderful photos! Your garden is just lovely!

    Genny :)


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