Pink for girls

As I wore pink today I was very interested in this story in the newspaper (on-line) about the "problems" of young girls wearing pink. There is a group in the UK called Pinkstinks who are calling for:

"parents to boycott manufacturers of pink toys and children's clothing on the basis that "pinkification" is herding young girls into "pink alleys" that lead inexorably toward the pink collar career ghetto. The group's website asserts that long-term exposure to pink leads to low self-esteem, poor body image and limited opportunities for girls and women. The campaign "aims to challenge the culture of pink"

What can I say - I must have low self-esteem, poor body image and limited opportunities as I love wearing pink!!

Their aims is to:
  • Inspire, motivate and enthuse girls about the possibilities and opportunities open to them
  • Improve girls’ self esteem and confidence, raise their ambitions and ultimately improve their life chances
  • To challenge  the 'culture of pink' which is based on beauty over brains and to provide an alternative

I better wear a different colour tomorrow - maybe purple!


  1. God created pretty pink flowers, and they happen to appeal to me because I think pink is feminine and often delicate (lighter pinks in particular). Being feminine does not equate to being a bimbo (beauty over brains) in my opinion... I will continue to wear pink and I will continue to support my daughter in her decision that pink is her favourite colour! This group and what they stand for is so silly, one of the silliest things I have heard in a long time!

  2. That's terrible! Anything to stamp out femininity. When I lived in Brittain 20 years ago, they weren't against femininity, but I guess that's changed. How sad.


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