Two things......

I would love peoples views on adult children who still live at home and paying board.  My questions are:
  1. Should these adult children (mine is almost 22) be paying board.
  2. And if so, how much?  
  3. What happens in other countries?
I think they should as it gets them to understand the whole thing of paying rent (when they finally move out) and how to budget (something my son is learning).  My son is enjoying the luxuries of a "hotel" with cooking, cleaning and washing all done for him!!  He does clean the bathroom/shower/tub but that's about it at the moment.  He says he is "too busy" to do anything else:)  I have said he can start paying board from the 1st of January.  I am still deciding on the amount (based on his income).
This is similar to pocket money - how much to pay and what do you expect in return?


Thank you for the comments regarding mothers and worrying.  I completely understand the need to put all our worries in the Lords hands - O my God, I trust in You (Psalm 25:2) and And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; For You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You (Psalm 9:10), however I doubt there are many mothers who can't seem to help but worry occasionally about their children, then get down on their knees and pray.  We humans are WEAK and STRUGGLE to place ALL our trust in the heavenly father and think perhaps we could add our little bit.  To be honest, it is only my 2 children I worry about, perhaps as they are so precious to me.

Below are 2 photos my youngest son sent to me today - their holiday house is at the top of the cliff overlooking the ocean.   Caius said it was too cold for swimming but he was enjoying just siting on the beach watching the sea!

Good night 


  1. Hi Jo!

    Since my mother never comments on these things, I'll do it for her.

    They worked out a sliding scale for me and Ben - how much, if any we earned determining the level of pocket money, and then once we earned over a certain amount, board we payed. I'm not up to the board-paying stage, so I can't remember how much it is, but I'm sure you could ask her, but from memory it wasn't an awful lot considering what you would pay living out of home.

    Before he left, Ben was washing his own clothes and cooking once a weekish, and doing the dishes some of the time as well.

  2. Hi again, Jo
    I can't speak to your question of charging your child to stay in your home after a certain age ~ although I do think it is different for girls than for boys.

    Yes, deffinately half the muffin recipe ~ I do it alot. I hope your fellow work mates enjoy them, too!

  3. I'm with you Jo, while know worry is not what we are meant to do, it is normal! and something I'm sure we'll never be a master at overcoming, because we are humans.

    In regards to board paying, I think its a good idea. My parents did something similar to Kt's, and its a good learning experience. Also doing some cooking, cleaning etc too. Never hurts for a male to know these skills. ;) I seems reasonable to set a board payment like Kt mentioned as in 'real life' they'd only be able to rent somewhere within money reach also allowing for other expenses...

  4. Tough job getting children to become adults. But I do believe paying board should start once they are earning.
    If they are not able to pay board they should have their turn to cook for everyone, mow lawns, etc.
    And even if they are paying board I made my kids do their own washing and room stuff. It is no different to if they are renting or sharing a house, chores need to be shared. Do not need males thinking the women will take all chores on.
    If you do not really need the money that should still not come into the reason as to asking them for board. You may eventually choose to give it back to them when they do move out.
    No arguement their decision if they want to stay.


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