Exciting news :)

Exciting news - today Tristan went for an interview (10:00am) today and by 1:00pm he had been offered a full time permanent job (in our nearby retail centre).  The work will be in retail but along the IT line - with standard hours and an opportunity to earn a bonus each fortnight if doing well.

He had been hunting for months with no success (getting more stressed and unhappy), then on Monday I opened Seek.com (employment website) and the first job I found was one I thought he should apply for (which he did).  He was contacted yesterday regarding the interview.  Only on Saturday we had searched the newspapers with no success.

Some would say this was just good luck - not me - after months of prayers (from me and others), our prayers have been answered.  Only yesterday I wrote two verses in my bible study book "With God all things are possible" (Mark 10:27) and "In the Lord, I put my trust" (Psalm 11:1).  The Lord has been wonderful - but didn't answer those prayers straight away but made us all learn some patience in waiting and dealing with frustration.

Well Done:)

Now he can focus on his portfolio (3D design/animation) in the evenings and build up a collection for when he applies for a job in the gaming industry later in the year.


  1. Yes prayer and supplication, we too have been praying, night and morning (tell Tristan) so if he can feel God breathing down his neck he can blame us!!
    Now we can do a prayer of thanks


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