Feeling happy:)

I am on holidays right now (return to work on the 18th January) and I am feeling VERY HAPPY.

And as my husband is having Friday off work we have decided to going on a day trip .......

Not telling you where, tune in on Saturday to see/hear all about it...

Those in the icy north may be a little jealous!!!

PS time for dinner - pizza (made by youngest son - it smells so good) and cheesecake with chocolate mousse.  So I better go. Bye


  1. oh I love surprises, can't wait till you return and fill us in on all the details of your day trip with hubby.

    Sending some cool hugs your way for your hot weather!

  2. Hi thanks for visiting my blog!
    I've been reading some of yours & have to say how lovely your pictures are!
    I hope you have a wonderful trip away - if it's to the beach I'm completely jealous!!
    Enjoy your holidays (we are here!)
    Renata :)

  3. Have fun! My husband and I are big fans of day trips to visit light houses and photograph them. Our record is six in one day (that being a 24 hr period).


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