A quick post today - too hot to be sitting in the study.  I'm hot, really hot - it has been 39C (102F) today and I am not impressed.  I had to go out twice and the car was like a oven when I got in and the air conditioner had to work twice as hard to cool it down.  When I got home I lay on the couch in front of the evaporative cooler and drank ice coffee!!

A cool change is promised tomorrow which will make a lot of difference.

Off to hang the washing out - better to hang it out overnight than during the heat of the day - less tough on the fabrics.

Bye..... for now....


  1. We awoke yesterday with rain (had 17 mm in all), which was very warm - had to unblock the gutters due to a deluge of leaves and got very wet. Hopefully you also will be cool today.



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