Monday Musings: Summer

I have decided to make Mondays my photography day (or Monday Musings) - it will be the day I will share some of the photos I have taken during the week, however I have set myself a challenge to make it a little more interesting.  I am going to try (and may not always succeed) to have themes = groups of photos of a similar nature.  They can only be photos I have taken therefore some themes may be a little tricky and I may need to be creative!!!

This week, considering that many of my readers are currently snowed in and feeling the cold, the theme is my interpretation of SUMMER.


Please feel free to suggest ideas and I will see what I can do?!?!?


  1. No scorched leaves?
    My poor newest Camellia, a Pope John Paul 11 is a wee bit burned around the edges!! Though not a pretty photo in the style you are blogging!! LL S

  2. Oh these pictures make me so warm feeling. I can't wait to take my own summer pictures! LOL! I had a couple friends that lived in Australia and it was funny how we just could never get on the same page with the weather. LOL! I will say that our hibiscus is still blooming! It's a die hard plant I guess.
    I vow never to complain about the summers here in Florida again! Ha! Ha!


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