I thought I would be crafty this weekend and try something I saw on another blog Aboundingtreasures - I love butterflies and I thought the idea on Dallas's blog was excellent (she found the idea from another website!!).  I made two - one is black and red (below) and the second is pastel purple and cream on a background of butterflies.  I was very pleased with the results - they were easy to make, I just followed the instruction from Dallas.  She has some other great ideas that are worth checking out.
And this is where I have placed them.  I love using books (and these are old small books) as extra "shelving".  The lamp was a gift from my girlfriends for my last birthday - isn't it beautiful - I love Art Nouveau - even if it isn't the real thing!!

* * * *

Good bye to Summer
Today is the last day and I must say I am glad we are moving onto Autumn.


* * * *


  1. beautiful work! :)
    And I too am thankful to say goodbye to summer!! :D

  2. They're beautiful Jo ~ I especially love the pastel ones :o)

    I love the way you've displayed them!

    Blessings ...

  3. Totally lovely Jo! Don't you just feel so great when you do something crafty AND it turns out great! Yea for you!

    ps - I missed visiting you while I was gone---



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