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Now that school has returned, there is one thing I must do every morning - wake up a 17 year old - he is soooo grumpy first thing in the morning.  This is an impossible task and one I don't enjoy.  He groans and looks like he is awake, but the moment I turn my back he is asleep again.  I have started phoning him once I get to work to make sure he is awake - this morning however he had slept in - and guess what  - he missed the bus and was late for school.
We had pork spare ribs for dinner (with salad - which contained freshly cooked beetroot which I just love and radishes also very yummy).  To go with the ribs I added caramelised onions (as an condiment)  which I bought from a gourmet deli - it was divine - the jar was called "caramelised onions marmalade" -  and would be excellent on cooked lamb or beef.   Stephen, now I can make that recipe by Nigella!

Another food discovery was chick peas - I have eaten chick peas in soups and hummus etc.. but never as a snack - soak overnight in water (place in the bathroom as they can become quite noisy as they pop), drain the next morning and they are ready to eat - taste like crunchy peas - we had them for morning tea at work and they were very tasty (and healthy).  Stephen this is a good snack in the evenings!  No cooking required.


(warning - boring topic for males) I love wearing skirts - but can never find what I am looking for in the shops and I can't sew (and most shops don't have a big range of skirts that I like) - eBay to the rescue. I have bought more than 15 skirts in the last 6 months (both long and knee length) that are either brand new or wore rarely.  They are very cheap - the last one was 99 cents (87cents US) and the most expensive $15A ($13US) but most are around $10A ($8.50U).

I have only had one that didn't fit - the rest have been PERFECT and no one at work would have guessed where I get them from.  To those who don't know me - I am a fan of eBay and have found some great bargains.   

That's all from me.  Time to put my feet up and watched "Spicks and Specks" in TV. So goodnight


  1. Hi Jo - thanks for coming to see me again! (I am still laughing at your kitty cat photo!)

    Are you asking about the sweater cowls? Those aren't knitted by me- they are made from vintage recycled sweaters that I sewed. I did however hand knit a sweater cowl and the posting for that is in January - look for the snowman outside wearing a brown knitted cowl. That took me about a month to knit!
    Good luck with your (morning) grumpy boy - I have so been there!


  2. Jo,
    I used to get skirts on eBay too! It was fun, and if they turned out to be the wrong size, I had plenty of sisters to pass them on to! =)
    I have over 40 skirts now, so no more need to shop, (and not wearing them at present, but looking forward to it soon!!!) but it was lots of fun!
    Was looking at a recipe that has chick peas in it recently, might have to experiment!

  3. Betsy - thought the chickpeas (raw) would be nice in a salad - add a crunch to the dish. I often add macadamia nuts to salads and they are a lovely addition.

    Love buying skirts from eBay - but a girl can get too many!!


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