An update

I am half asleep and in need of a hot cup of Jasmine tea - but I wanted to write this blog tonight before I settle into my comfy chair with the tea, mint chocolate and a DVD (The Proposal). My husband has gone to bed and the children are out with girlfriends.
  • Tristan started his new job today - thought it was great - covered in ink as he learnt to fill cartridges (the sort that go into printers and photo copies).  
  • Caius has finished his first week at school - he is feeling very happy - therefore I am feeling very happy.  
  • Steven spent a week with his parents - his mother has gone home from the hospice - she looks very sad and frail but so glad to see her son.  She only has weeks to live.  At least she is going home to heaven which is such a comfort.
  • Me - had a good week at work - being researching the statistical limitations of suicide statistics (under counting) in case you were wondering.  
  • The dogs have been wonderful while Steven was away - they knew they had to be good for me and they were.
  • The cats - when awake Charlie and Ruby spend all the time running after each other, leaping from great heights, hiding behind things to surprise each other and making me laugh. 
The picture above was taken last night as I was on the computer - Ruby just fits into the box of photos (which I have been scanning in).  The bottom one is Ruby tonight - she is in my bin - aren't cats so amusing!!!! :-)

AND - to make the week even better - it is currently RAINING - which is very exciting.  For those who may be wondering why I am excited about rain - it doesn't happen very often.

AND a big thank-you to all the wonderful people who leave messages - I REALLY enjoy reading them all.  If you haven't left a message before or it has been a while - please stop by and say hi.



  1. So much going on at your place! We are purring for your husband's mom. It's always hard to loose a loved one.

  2. Great news about tristan and Caius. Will be thinking of you all as Steven spends time with his mother. Lois

  3. I like the spot the cat choose - D

  4. Here is a message.... HAHA :-)

    Will ring after 7PM, have the photo's, you may want to post a couple LL S

    PS: I too get excited about rain, cold weather, and apple cake like I have just baked, even though I cannot eat it. Love the cat! S


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