Valentines Day

Before you ask
- no not a thing - 
Valentines Day has now come and gone and nothing:(
My husband doesn't believe in all that commercial rubbish
I asked my son if he did anything for his girlfriend
he told me he didn't believe in all the commercial rubbish.
Father like son.
Tristan and his girlfriend did "hang out" together and watch movies.

I enjoyed a lovely lunch with 2 girlfriends!!
And the best gift of all - just over 100mm of rain in 36 hours
(ok, not everyones idea of a gift, but haven't seen so much rain in years - well, since 2002) 


  1. LOL...I do have to laugh. I didn't get anything either. I always focus on hubby's birthday this time of year, and I don't even get a card for myself, lol. However, I do hope to get some new rose bushes. :)


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