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I am glad to be home - even though I quite enjoy a holiday break away from home, the best part is returning.  My sons did a good job at keeping house - however they do need some more skills on cleaning kitchens (as I could guess what they had for dinner by the little messes on the bench top!!).  

The animals were all well looked after - the cats decided not to like me for the first hour of returning home - as punishment I am sure, but now Ruby is back sleeping next to me as if I am her best friend.  I  am home all next week on leave so they can have my full attention and hopefully forget that I left them all alone!! (well, not quite).  The dogs are always thrilled to see us return and have convinced Steven that they have been under-fed all week and need extra food:).....

* * * * *

Today's photos are my more "arty" ones which I hope you enjoy.

I love taking photos of the sea, however I am always on the lookout for something of interest that can be added to my photo, so I was delighted to find a sail boat ready to become an "extra" in my photography.  For those interested this was taken at Broulee Beach at around 9:00am.

This black and white photo was taken at Narooma (south of Broulee) along the estuary that runs out to sea.  Narooma is an Aboriginal word meaning "clear blue water" which I assume refers to the ocean rather than the estuary which was anything but blue. The photo below is also taken at Narooma, this is the deep waterway that the fishing boats use to exit the bay and head out to see.

A seagull - every time I tried to get close they would move so it was a bit tricky getting a good shot.  I was using my baby Canon which isn't as good at taking close ups.  But as I was walking through water I didn't think it was wise take my more expensive Canon with me in case I dropped it!!

This is a Kookaburra that came to visit (part of the Kingfisher family) - we had 5 that visited us every day at the cabin.  I never knew they would be so friendly, but they would almost eat out of out hands.  When they "sing" in the morning they sound like they were laughing.  I will share some more photos of them a little later. 

The meerkat - no, we didn't go to Africa - visited the Mogo Zoo and meet a "gang" of meerkats that were just beautiful. As it was morning all they wanted to do was lie in the sun and sleep!! which wasn't as easy as it sounded as they were disagreeing on who should get the most sun - I love meerkats - they are so amusing to watch, one of Gods wonderful creations.


  1. Hi Jo,
    I just called over from Amanda's Secret Garden. I see a couple of my old blogging friends are regulars here. Lovely to meet you. You have great holiday pics in this post. That sky in the first one is amazing.
    I see from your profile that your precious puss bears my internet alias! Great name.

  2. Wow! I love how bloggers are meeting and connecting in my little secret garden! What a blessing this is to my heart... just what I had hoped would happen. Sisters in the Lord meeting and forging unity on the iternet. Yay!

    Now, back to your photos Jo. I LOVE them. I love the first one of the beach. Very pretty. Of course you know I would love the kookaburra one too because of my last comment.

    I also love the seagull photo... They remind me as much of the ocean, as the kookaburra reminds me of the bush.

    I can't believe how in sync we are! I am a huge meerkat fan! I used to watch a program series on TV about them. Very cute and interesting creatures!

  3. Dear ladies - I also love the way you meet wonderful like-minded women via this form of communication. All things happen for a reason.

    Glad you both like the photos - I love photography, trying to capture Gods magnificent beauty.

    Hi Ruby - yes, my very spoilt puss is called Ruby, I love the name and having no daughters have given it to my kitten. She is a little princess (that eats flies!!!).

    Amanda - I don't watch Meerkat Manor anymore because I hate seeing them get hurt, which is why I could never film animal documentaries - I would want to save all the creatures who were suffering.

    I love seagulls and occasionally I see them on Parliament House lawns in Canberra and wonder why they are visiting!!

  4. I hate seeing animals suffering too. Too much so, that it traumatises me! I don't remember seeing them get hurt on that program, but then again, it has been a few years since I have watched it.

    You take great photos Jo... I don't have a fancy camera but I think I will put one on my wish list.

    I have another good friend (who also visits my blog)... her name is Beyond Bluestockings. She is a beautiful christian lady... witty, intelligent and honest. She has a normal blog, and a photography blog. Take a look at her photos. I am sure you will be blessed by them. You can find them her photo blog here:

    Have a look under her categories, especially the animals one. However, they are all beautiful photos. She is self-taught and does an amazing job.

  5. These are FANTASTIC pics!! I love them!!! :)

  6. LOVE the pictures - really LOVE them! Especially the black and white ones---. You really did have a wonderful trip didn't you!

    Love the little meerkat also - did you ever see the show Meerkat Manor? I just love those little creatures.

    Can't wait to see more pictures of your trip - you are so way ahead of me in getting your pictures processed!


  7. Great pics! You are amazing with a camera! Love to see what you have to show us next!


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