I'm back: 1st Installment

I'm back.  The bags are unpacked, the house has been cleaned (it was in a pretty good state, thanks boys), two loads of washing are hanging on the line (not mine, I did mine at the cabin - my sons) and I have downloaded all my photos!! 

What can I say - it was a relaxing break, - the accommodation was wonderful, (would recommend it to others), the walks the beach prefect and I have been connecting with nature (as you will see).

In this first installment of our holidays - I will share with you the accommodation we stayed in - "The Bower at Broulee" contains 6 cabins, all hidden amongst the trees so you couldn't see or hear your neighbours - very private (no children allowed) - in fact we didn't see anyone the whole time we where there. The picture below is the front of the cabin (ours was called the Red Bower) and the next photo is the back of the cabin with a lovely large deck.

Below is the view from the kitchen window looking out the back of the cabin - isn't it a wonderful view.   The cabin contained all the mod-cons, including fully equipped kitchen, flat screen TV, DVD, CD (with speakers in every room including the bathroom!), spa (very nice and big), king size bed (very soft), wood fire (which would be perfect for winter), leather couches and big sliding doors and windows to let in nature (and a few mozzies).  The next photo is the view from the back deck - it was dense forest that you couldn't walk through but beautiful to look at.
Notice the birds stilling on the bar - these are Kookaburras and I will tell you more about them in another post.   All I will say is that nature came to us, we didn't need to go looking for it.
 Relaxing on the lawn at the back of the cabin.  It was very cool in this spot, perfect after a walk along the beach (which was quite hot on the way back).

We went on a couple of walks in the forest around the cabin - one on the first evening we arrived  (first photo below) - it was at dusk and the mozzies were out and about so we didn't walk very far (I was being bitten) - and I didn't want to get lost as our mobile phones didn't work in the dense scrub.
The next 2 photos were taken on a walk the following day - it was very pretty and quite cool walking under the shade of the trees.  No nasty snakes jumped out at us - nor anything else.  Too dense for kangaroos and the birds were all resting.

More later.........


  1. well missy - I see you are back from your vacation. Missed you! Wow! - your vacation retreat in the woods looks fabulous AND it is close to the beach - divine! I even looked your little retreat up on the internet so that I could be all well informed and all!

    We would just love a place like that - walks in the woods, quiet, - oh how wonderful for you!

    I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures - BUT what do you mean you already have them all down loaded and ready! I have been back from our trip a month now and still don't have my pictures ready - but like you, I am going to have to show them in installments. (probably about 6 or 8!) You would think I had been busy with a baby shower or something!!!

    Does your blog have on a new dress? Did you get a makeover? I love the green and the grapes on the sides - also love the new header picture. You are getting fancy - this must be your Easter dress!

    So glad you stopped by - glad you are back - glad you had a wonderful time - anxious to see more pictures of your trip!

    ps - your husband is a cutie!


  2. Welcome back Jo! I love your photos... this place looks PERFECT.

    I love kookaburra's, so I noticed them immediately in your photo, lol. They are so Australian and so unique, and they so remind me of my childhood.

    Did you dogs and cats stay home with your sons? I bet they missed you both heaps, and glad to have 'Mum and Dad' back (I'm talking about the animals LOL).

    Enjoy your weekend before life returns to normal ;)

  3. Hi Jo,
    What a breathtakingly beautiful spot to holiday in! Your photos are beautiful - thank you for sharing about your wonderful holiday. :D

    Have a wonderful and blessed week,
    Jillian ♥

  4. What an exquisite place to stay. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to hear more.

    Seems Amanda is linking us all up to you! Hee Hee!

  5. Jo, it seems I should be charging you a 'spotters fee' for finding you heaps of new blog friends LOL!!

    No, it is wonderful. The amazing thing is, I found your blog via a blogger in Israel (Domestic Felicity). I hardly ever read her comments, and even rarer, do I click on her comments links. For some reason, I clicked on yours one day and commented on your blog straight away.

    I believe the Lord is linking us all up as on-line sisters. We just all click ;) and I love it!!


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