The last of my holidays snaps

These photos are of a village called Tilba Tilba, settled around 160 years ago by European settlers when gold was discovered in the region.  When gold started to peter out, the townspeople turned to dairy cows and became cheese makes amongst other things.  

It has now become a tourist village, selling lots of touristy things (and lots of hippy clothes)! The photo below is looking across the valley away from the village.
I would love to have a front entrance to my house looking like this.  Unfortunately this house sits at the end of a dusty car park - not in the best position.
Who decided on this paint colour - I am sure it didn't look like this 100 years ago!!
All the houses were painted different colours - I assume the residents of the village got together and decided on what colour each house would be!
I love the Australian cottage with its veranda across the front of the house.
The old church now used for Yoga classes on Thursday nights!! 
It sits on top of the hill looking over the village.
My Jane Austen moment!!!
Mr Darcy did not walk through this gate, even though I waited!!!  Only cows were in the paddock.


  1. Such beautiful country, makes me homesick. Can't say that Adelaide is as pretty as the far south coast of NSW.
    Ah, what the body and mind gives up so the heart can follow their Mr Darcy!

  2. That is truly picturesque.....
    Beautifully photographed as well. Tob be honest the early houses were probably very drab and even unpainted so I guess it is all part of the tourist thing to have them like that. I love that quaint, almost Enlgish look although being a Queenslander I also love our high houses and wide verandahs.
    Hols over? Hope all goes well back at the grind.

  3. Loved your Jane Austen moment and the view you had waiting for your Mr. Darcy! Don't you wish real life had those moments that only seem to happen in movies and books? LOL.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Fabulous pictures Jo! The scenery is stunning - and I love the picture of you! What a wonderful trip you had--- and the pictures will hold your memories dear!


  5. Mmmm...I'm revelling in your Jane Austen moment...what a beautiful landscape...perfect for Mr. Darcy to walk across for all of 10 minutes (as it seemed in the movie...not that I've watched it over and over and over again!) LOL

  6. Beautiful photos Jo... I love the whole quaint cottage/hedge/picket fence deal as well. It looks incredibly green and very relaxed there... can't say I have ever heard of this little town, it sounds interesting.

    The only Mr Darcy that I have (besides my hubby), is my 3 year lab, who is named Darcy. He is always worth coming home to lol. My old vet in Brisbane, used to call him Mr Darcy ;)

  7. Amanda, it was very green - in fact it was the first time in ages that I have seen long green lush grass. If no one was looking I was thinking about lying in it!!. But that would have meant climbing over a fence!!

    Tibla sits in the hinterland about 70km south of Batemans Bay. Its very beautiful but would be very cold in winter.

    As for the Jane Austen moment, my husband thought it was very funny (as he took the photo) and said he was no Mr Darcy!! I said I would be happy with Captain Wentworth (who was also very dashing)!! - no not him either (lol)

  8. Love the church! It always makes me sad, though, to learn that an old church building is no longer a place of worship. On the other hand, though, I'm happy when they aren't torn down.

    Those colors are something! In Florida, and some of the Carribean islands, it is popular to paint houses all sorts of bright colors....I think this has a bit to do with the Spanish tradition of stuccoing and then painting, and quite a bit to do with the attempt to draw in tourists. I'd love to learn more about such houses, and what colors they were when built!

  9. So I am assuming your holiday was one long Jane Austin moment then - without the inevitable angst though!!


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