My mother as a little girl.
I had never seen this photo until this week when my mum sent me a bundle of photos she had found whilst sorting through their belongs (as they are moving).

* She has the most beautiful smile *

* * * *
My grandfather as a young man (my mothers father)
Didn't he have very fine features?
He wore those starched shirts almost all his life - they must have dug into his neck line.

He was a chemist and owned a chemicals factory which was sold when he died, I was about 7 years old.


  1. That collar looks terrible!!
    I thought my grandfather ran the factory for awhile... or am I mistaken??
    Your mother was cute as a little girl :)

  2. Oh! Oh! What wonderful pictures! Your mother was such a cute little girl, and her father very handsome. Isn't it amazing how uncomfortable clothing used to be? Yet everyone looked so nice in it....

  3. Yes Clara Your Grandfather and Great Uncle Alex did for a while, then Uncle Alex died, so it was then closed down. Not sure the gap between - U Bob will know, he is great with dates

  4. What cute little girl and very distinguished looking Dad.

    I love old family photos... very precious indeed.

  5. Your Mom was lovely! It's so neat to have old family photos...I love the stories they tell.

  6. What a priceless collection of vintage family photos! These are awsome! So great that you have a conection to them - thanks for sharing these with us. Your Mother was a beautiful little girl~~~

  7. What gorgeous photos! I love the old B & W family photos. They are such treasures.


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