Random things .....

1. Gardening: I have been laying down sugar cane straw/mulch in preparation for winter - it's a messy job and I usually end up covered in the stuff (followed by sneezing).  Tomorrow I am planting some Saffron Crocus' (yes, the sort that are used in the production of saffron) and some Dutch Iris'.

2. Ruby: A trip to the vet yesterday to have her little operation (spayed/de-sexing) - she wasn't very lively afterwards (this is her fast asleep after returning home), but today she back to her normal self eating heaps and running about.  Ruby has a thing about sinks and loves to sit in mine and play with the water (if I leave the tap dripping). She "helps" with the breakfast washing every morning and if I don't do it she sits and waits.
3. Crocheting: I have decided to learn how to crochet - never done it before but I now have all the tools and ready. Ruby plans to "help". I would like to make a "granny" rug - not sure how many winters it will take me, but I am going to start this winter with the first square.   I plan to follow (besides my books) the following tutorials crochet-school by Pip.
4. Other stuff: Happy birthday to my cousin (Lois) for the 3rd of April. Your card is on its way.  Heidi, in my prayers for your recovery (after such major surgery) and may your stay in hospital be as peaceful as possible (which is unlikely), the nurses know what they are doing and that you are able to go home soon.

5. Something special:  This was taken in 1918 and the lady at the piano is my grandmother who was a teacher at one of the first Montessori schools in Australia.

6. Something funny: Youtube - Panda Sneezing

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  1. LOL!! I LOVE the panda sneezing. They are such an adorable bear!

    Jo, that may be you after you finish you're gardening ;)

    Glad Ruby is recovering. She is such a precious little kitty... I love how she is always wanting to be a part of what you are doing. It is not very often a cat likes being anywhere near water, so she is indeed unique.

  2. I just loved this post my friend. First off, crocheting is easy easy, once you get the hang of it. A Granny Square is good to start with.
    Second I am loving that picture of the school room and your grandmother. How neat to have that. I loved the way they all dressed back then. Very proper.
    I hope your winter isn't as bad as ours was. It was the coldest we've seen in a long time.
    Have a fabulous weekend my friend.

  3. Love the pictures of your grandmother's school. It took me 1/2 a second to process why there was a Union Jack hanging in the classroom!

  4. Hello Jo :)

    I've often thought about crocheting. I did a little as a child, but don't remember much. One thing I always liked was the edges old ladies put around face washers. It just seemed that something someone had put that extra work into must be better!

    I was almost lured back to try it after my last baby: a neighbour of my mother's gave me some adorable little baby socks which she had crocheted around the top of in a fine thread. I had never seen any like this, and it was so delicate and pretty.

    Hope you have more dedication at learning than I!

    The photos of your grandmother certainly are special :)

  5. LOVE this post! Hope the kitty feels better soon----. What a cute picture of her in the sink!

    Good luck with your crochet - you know I knit - but I cannot even hold a crochet hook correctly!

    The picture of your grandmother at the school - is priceless. Frame that!

    Happy Easter

  6. Yes, kitty is doing very well - if only humans recovered as fast as animals. I couldn't jump from great heights after having surgery as Ruby has been doing!!

    Amanda - Ruby is the 1st cat I have owned that loves water, however I won't give her a wash as she would hate it, water in her own terms!!

    Val, never even noticed the flag in the classroom!!

    Yes I love the photos of my grandmother - this was before she got married and had 6 children. I must ask my mother why her mother became a teacher, it wasn't becuase she needed to work.

    I have started to crochet - it is HARD ... but not giving up :)

  7. Ilove random posts...they are truly fun. I am prepping my garden as well, looking for straw, as it's hard to come by!
    I am taking to heart what you requested and would like to get a crochet "how to" video posted soon (hopefully next week). :)
    I love the photo of your grandmother...what a treasure to have!!!
    And, last but not least. I had no idea that saffron came from a type of crocus...wow...that's really interesting...is it from the root?

  8. Some great photos there, Jo. Love the garden at top. Family history albums are my hobby. I just love those early photos of your grandmother. Absolutely precious.

  9. Do you still crochet? I love it sooooo much! I've been enjoying it alot again lately - currently making my husband little Star Wars characters - of course he is thrilled with my choice!

    1. No, hopeless at it !!!! Focusing on quilting instead :)))))


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