Something lite and fluffy for a Wednesday!

As a cat lover, I found this very amusing.  In case you were wondering why "Rocky" the French cat was doing this - he wanted to see the birds through the window and couldn't unless he stood on his back legs.


  1. OH! LOLOLOL...I love his deep focus, and how he lifts his paw a little as if to catch the birds, how cute!!!

  2. Light and fluffy indeed!
    I appreciated your little blurb as I have no sound at present and I wondered why his paw went up occasionally. Obviously reaching for the little Tweeties outside! Very cute! and rather clever. A little pair of boots would top him off.

  3. I will be following you through a private blog, Jo, so I have not really stopped following!

  4. Jo, this is sooo cute!

    Have a wonderful and blessed weekend,
    Love Jillian ♥

  5. My kitten Ruby does this when hunting flies (which she eats once she has caught and killed them)!!



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