My day . . . .

Today is a public holiday so I am at home - and I must say I have had a WONDERFUL day so far.  I have:
  • enjoyed a sleep-in (and skipped the frosty morning)
  • breakfast in bed (crumpets with jam + jasmine tea)
  • read for awhile snuggled under the doona
  • enjoyed a morning walk (the air was very clean and crisp)
  • vacuum the living areas (I am a regular vacuum user due to pets!)
  • did 2 loads of washing (being a sunny day it has dried quite well - an it was quite nice standing in the sun hanging out the washing whilst chatting to the dogs)
And then spent the rest of the morning cooking  - this time by myself and there was no chocolate in sight!! I  made:

*  Cinnamon and walnut biscuits with mini M&Ms on top - the boys will love these so they won't last very long
*  Lekach - Jewish Honey cake -  full of honey and spices which smells beautiful when cooking - Tristan and I just love this cake.  It is best eaten a few days after baking, once the flavours have developed - but non of us can wait that long!!

Potage of Lentils soup (also known as Esau's Soup) which is both very filling and delicious - it is for tomorrow nights dinner**.

In the afternoon Ruby and I relaxed with a book - the photo below is Ruby snuggled under the blanket that is covering my legs.  We were both very warm!!   Afterwards watch one episode of a Dr Who story from 1973.  They didn't have flashy special affects back then!!

When I have finished this entry I will have a cup of tea and enjoy a piece of my Lekach cake (which is very moist and great with butter) outside in the sun.  Feel free to come and join me - the kettle is going on now!!

May you all have a wonderful week.  How was your day?

** Both the soup and cake recipes come from a favourite cookbook of mine Jewish Traditions Cookbook that contain so many great recipes from all over the world.  


  1. Popping in for some cake & tea soon, put the kettle on please!

  2. The Jewish cooking sounds delish! I had a taste of something when I went to America last year. We visited a predominantly Jewish suburb called Squirrel Hill (I LOVE the name lol). There were many Kosher restaurants and cafes there. I loved the food!

    Ruby looks too cute. But what about Charlie? I hope he isn't left on the cold tiles? LOL

  3. Hi Jo,
    It sounds as if you have had a very productive day!

    Ruby would have thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon read, and looks ever so comfortable.

    My day was great! My latest blog post will tell you more. :)

    Have a wonderful week,
    Love and blessings, Jillian ♥

  4. Yes, I'll have a cup with you!
    My day was great too. Lots of little jobs but not so much cooking, just tonight's tea. I do like the look of that soup myself. Perhaps I'll try it for my parents as my hub and boys are not big soup lovers.

  5. That sounds like my kind of day. Yummy looking cookies! And sleeping in is the best. (When you get to do it!)

  6. Sounds like a lovely, relaxing day! I had to giggle though as you said "no chocolate"...but, er, um...what's under the candy coating on those mini-m n m's??? :)
    Love Lentil soup, so I must try your recipe, and I giggled again at Dr. Who! We use to watch that as kids, and I had completely forgotten about it...what fun memories!

  7. What a wonderful day!!! I love that you slept in. I wish I did that more, but even on days where we don't have plans, I automatically wake up and want to get up. I'm such a morining person.

    That soup looks delicious too!


  8. We had a wonderful day too - didn't treat it like a P.H. though - I still did schooling with the kids - we'll save the holiday for another time when it seems good to take it!! Dan and I were both SO productive though - we crossed almost everything off a long list we wrote of things we wanted to acheive! (I love lists - they make me feel extra-acheived!!)

  9. How did ou have a sleep in, yet achieve so much before lunch. I think that I will have to educate you on what a sleep in is!!! You must share the cake recipe.
    LL S

  10. Kathy - oops, forgot about the chocolate in the M&M's!!! But compared to last weeks cooking where all food items had heaps of chocolates in, this weeks cooking was basically chocolate free

    Stephen - I slept in until 9:00am and that is late for me!!! I will post the cake recipe at a later date.

    Amanda - Charlie loves lying in the sun + she is a outdoor/indoor cat, so was found lying on the front porch. At night she sleeps on our bed.

    Clara - I love achieving everything I have on my lists (which are often in my head) - it is a good feeling.


    Jo xxx


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