Check out this blog . . .  Dreaming of Days Gone By. . .

I would like to introduce you to a dear blogger friend of mine (to be more correct my second cousin!) who has a great blog. 

Clara (that's her in the photo) is married to a lovely American (see some do immigrate to Australia) and has 2 gorgeous children whom they home-school.  Stealing the words from Clara's blog: 
"I am aspiring to be a Biblical housewife, homekeeper and mother. It is my desire to raise my children for the Lord, to be the best wife I can possibly be (see Proverbs 31 - where I get my inspiration from!), and to give Him the glory throughout my life."


  1. Jo - your cousin has a lovely blog and the pictures of her children are adorable. You guys are having great blogging fun together I bet! Thanks for introducing her to us.


  2. I love Clara's blog... I am so blessed to have met you both in Blogland. You are both keepers lol.


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