Twenty two years ago I bought a sewing machine and made a few dresses. Then I put it away for 10 years.  It came out of hiding for a few days and was quickly returned.  But after reading about the wonderful clothes that my blogger friends have been making, I felt inspired and as a result the sewing machine is sitting on my kitchen table, I have bought some dark brown fabric for winter, I have stocked up on pins, scissors, thread AND bought 2 patterns (see below) now I just need to have the courage to start!!!!

The first skirt will be A (long straight) from the pattern below (3830).  The pattern does say "QUICK AND EASY" so I am assuming they are telling the truth!!!! If this turns out OK, I will make more. I can't buy these skirts in the shop, so if I want them, I have to make them. 

I though this was a really nice set of skirts - very easy - two pieces with elastic at the waist - can't go wrong.  These will be perfect for summer.  Just have to work out how to put in linings.



  1. ooo! How exciting! Those are nice patterns! If you find the McCall's simple patterns too difficult, you could try the Simplicity "It's So Easy" ones - I have found these are the easiest ones there are, although McCalls are really not too bad. I think Burda and Butterick are probably the most complicated ones!
    Lining a skirt isn't too difficult - will email you or something about that sometime :)
    Looking forward to seeing your sewn creations! :)

  2. Good for you! I have similar sewing stories, and since moving to the UK, don't really have a good machine. It is one of my short-term goals to get sewing again, and definitely skirts! I like the two patterns you picked out. All the best with it!

  3. Making your own clothing can be so rewarding... and they will be a one of a kind.

    I hope you don't 'pull your hair out' too much lol. Can't wait to hear how you go!

    Ps. Do you want a chuckle? Guess what my word verification for this comment is? 'devil' LOL I hope He's not trying to tell me something!!!! LOL LOL

  4. Yay! I think I may have had both of those patterns at some point... Will you post pics of your product?


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