A happy ending

A pensioner in the UK, Jack Harris, finally completed a seven year project to build a 5,000 piece jigsaw (which he was given for Christmas in 2002).  However when he got the last piece he discovered it was missing.  He and his family could not find it anywhere in the house. The happy ending to this story, the company who manufactured the jigsaw,  Falcon Games LTD, has now come to his rescue by having a replacement piece sent to his home.  The puzzle is no longer made but the firm agreed to find the original design and make the one missing piece.   The retired businessman, believes the original piece may have been thrown away by mistake or eaten by one of  two dogs. The company have also sending Mr Harris a load of new puzzles from the range - although at 1,000 pieces some of these are slightly smaller.

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Attention to detail

This made me chuckle at myself: A few months ago I bought a skirt from a on-line company in the USA – a gorgeous long denim skirt.  Due to my lack of attention to detail (!) I didn’t look closely enough at the picture to see how it was meant to be wore.  I wore it with the buttons at the front –it was a little uncomfortable with the buttons digging into me!! I thought it was poor design!!  No, just me, the buttons and zip are wore on one side.  Problem solved.  I should really look closer at things!!  Lesson learnt

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 May you all have a wonderful weekend

 (Not taken by me, found on Google images)


  1. That is amazing regarding the jigsaw!!
    I had to laugh about the skirt - I've worn some skirts the wrong way before too, and they really can feel wrong!! :)

  2. I heard about the jugsaw on the news ~ several times.
    Very nice looking skirt by the way :-)

  3. Great stories - the jigsaw puzzle and the skirt. Actually - the skirt story made me laugh out loud - I once wore a top wrong and still remember it to this day!

    I know just how that kitty feels - had that feeling many times!


  4. Your skirt story is too funny!:) And the puzzle account..well, what a relief they gave him the missing piece. I always wonder in the back of my mind before starting a puzzle if we'll work hard only to discover everything isn't there. Thanks for the smiles.


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