Is there a food item in your house that if it runs out it will result in the sky falling in?

When the children were little it was a disaster to run out of tomato sauce (ketchup)  — what were they going to put on their meat pies, sandwiches, mash potato, lamb chops?

Things though have changed in our house, we have moved to some more sophisticated  — the new food item that we can NOT LIVE WITHOUT is mayonnaise.  It is such a versatile food (is a condiment a food?) that can be used on many different things including: salads, hot chips, mash potato, (roast potato) chicken schnitzel, sandwiches.

This week I served Chicken Kiev, with hot chips and salad.  O no, the mayonnaise jar was empty (and in the fridge!) so I had to make creamy dressing for the salad (good but not as good as mayo), but what were we going to use for the chips.  The meal just wasn’t quite as nice as usual . . .  sour cream does not replace mayonnaise.

So where I am going this afternoon — to the shops to stock up on . . .  mayonnaise.

Whilst "researching" this topic I came across some very interesting uses for mayonnaise — would you try it?

Conditioning your hair with mayonnaise: "Did you know that many hair salons nowadays use mayonnaise to condition your hair. And they also charge you a lot of money for it. Now you can do it by yourself at the comfort of your home. Just take some mayo in your hand and massage it into your hair and scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap and wait for about 15 minutes. Then shampoo as usual. The mayonnaise will moisturize your hair and give it a lustrous sheen." 

Other uses included: relief of sunburn, facial cream, removing hair lice and good for removing stickers from bumpers.  Wouldn't you smell a bit funny?

I have not tried these and I doubt that I will - it is for EATING.


  1. There are some things we hate running out of too... mayonnaise, milk and aktavite!! We love creamy whole-egg mayo best... Which do you all prefer?
    I don't think I'd be using mayo on my head... just seems wrong!! :P Interesting about removing stickers from bumpers - will have to try that next time we need to! I wonder if it removes stickers from other things too?

  2. Good to know of the other uses for mayo if the need arises... Not sure when, but good to know.
    We are still at the tomato sauce stage in our house, one day we'll graduate to mayo!

  3. Clara - we also eat the creamy whole-egg mayo, I certainly don't eat the diet ones (yuk). They say it is the vinegar that does the trick!

    Smilie girl (hi) - it took awhile for my sons to move to mayo but becuase I love it so much they now love it as much as me!! We hardly ever buy tomato sauce these days.

  4. I prefer the whole-egg mayo too, and it is way better for you... but my son (who loves mayo much more than I do) prefers just the standard Praise or Kraft variety. I don't think I'd like to put it in my hair lol.

  5. I had a cousin who used it to treat headlice, and it worked.

    Have you every made your own mayo? I'm thought of it, but have yet to try.

  6. I've made my own mayo - two kinds in fact: one that lasted really well because it was cooked and had preservatives in it, and one that had to be eaten fairly quickly. I wasn't a real fan of either, but my husband LOVED them... There are LOTS of different ways to make your own mayo. :)

  7. I noted a news item (I do NOT watch the show) about the contestants who were thrown out of Master Chef as they used a jar of mayo instead of home made. You will just need to try some different recipes until you hit one everyone loves. I still do the sweetened condensed milk, vinegar and mustard one from childhood days for coldslaw...
    I guess I had better stock up before you visit :-)


  8. Stephen - I love the mayo we had as kids - the best part was licking the sweetened condensed milk tin (that stuff is so good) whilst making it. I also make the dressing of cream, vinegar and sugar for salads if I run out. Yes, please do stock up by July:)


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