Nothing interesting, at all . . .

I have no idea what to write – can’t even think up an interesting topic. So I looked through the newspaper, any ideas, non of any substances (there rarely is), but I must say I have learnt a few things today, such as:
  • Velvet is the new black – what on earth does that mean?  I quite like velvet, it feels nice to touch, I even think I own a velvet skirt - I am in fashion now!
  • The Icelandic volcano is cooling – that was good to hear, but I would assume that it isn’t cool enough to touch yet :)
  • Someone decided to go swimming at the base of Mount Everest, why, it couldn’t have been that enjoyable, I would have chosen somewhere tropical :)

And, just as I was existing the on-line newspaper my eye catch a story on the 5 essential items for winter – now, I don’t know about you, but when I think of the 5 essential items I need for winter, things like warm coats, long boots, woollen dresses/skirts spring to mind, however this story made me wonder where these designers were living if this is what they thought were the  essential items for my winter wardrobe — I have a feeling I would get frost bite and catch a chill very quickly:

  1. 3 quarter sleeve fitted jacket (short – even lacked buttons)
  2. mini (really mini) long sleeve dress with low neckline
  3. sleeveless “T” (light and thin)
  4. very high heeled sandals (blue)
  5. tight leather pants (yep —very tight, I was told it looked nice with the “T”)

Bye for now, maybe tomorrow I have something far more exciting – happy week


  1. Jo - I LOVE you sense of humour... and I don't know how you manage it, but even when you think you have nothing to write, you keep me very entertained..! The 5 essential things for winter are absolutely stupid!!! And I don't think I'm fashionable in the slightest - thankfully - I have neither velvet skirt (nothing against them - just don't happen to have one) nor any of those 5 "essentials"!! :) LOL!

  2. Very funny!
    They must have been in the tropics writing about winter:)

  3. Good grief! You'd think when there is nothing to write about in the news (which is most of the time, if you ask me) they would just give us a break and close up for the day.

    I'm with you. Those are 5 "essentials" I can live without any time of year!


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