The ramekins were too full . . . . .

The other day I was reading Abounding Treasures blog about a cake disaster story hich made me chuckle.  Dallas made the comment "Well, presentation of a dessert is pleasant to the eyes but I asked myself what was more important ~ flavour or looks?".  Last night my son and I decided to cook some dessert - delicious individual chocolate puddings.  Thinking my ramekins were much bigger than those used in the recipe I suggested to my son that we use only 4 rather than the 8 the recipe recommended.

This is what happened . . . . 

May may have looked bad, but tasted WONDERFUL. 

Even the bits that bubbled out like volcano lava were SUPERB!!!!  Soft and creamy chocolate . .  what is better than that.


  1. This really made me laugh, Jo! Too funny!! Would you be willing to share your chocolate pudding recipe with me? I don't have a good one... :)

  2. U do have fun doing lots of cooking, don't u? Wish I had more time & inspiration!

  3. Clara, no problems it tasted really good!!

    Bets, time will come- I have waited a long time. My youngest is 17 years old. Spare time comes once the children are more independent but don't wish way those precious baby years that never return.

    Love Jo. Xxxx

  4. YOu know I'm looking at that and not seeing a thing wrong! LOL!
    I'm glad they still tasted wonderful. And, I've done the same thing.

  5. No apologies necessary - I bet they were wonderful and I can almost smell them from here!



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