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I am currently reading Castle in the Air by Judy Corbett.  A young couple buys Gwydir Castle (located in North Wales in the craggy foothills of the Snowdonian mountain) and decide to renovate.  It is a filthy, cold and wet - built in the 16th century and now very much a ruin.  What a job they had , certainly not for the fainthearted! The books covers this journey, a very interesting read so far.  The photo below is what the castle looks like now! I wonder how cold it is inside (too big for central heating!!). (you can stay here in the B&B!)

I am also reading The Fruitful Vine by Warren Henderson.  This is a really good read (thanks Clara) - The Fruitful Vine contains six sections. The first, The Marital Union, supplies the biblical foundation for the remainder of the book: Why was marriage instituted, and what was God's best plan for marriage? The chapter "To Marry or Not?" offers guidance and encouragement to unmarried women, both those called to "singleness" and those "maids in waiting." The following three sections pertain to the natural roles a married woman will find the most joy in fulfilling - namely, being a companion to her husband, bearing and nurturing children, and keeping an ordered home. The fifth section, The Autumn Years, provides counsel to the "empty-nesters" and encouragement for widows. The final section provides a character sketch of a spiritually-minded woman and the types of ministry she may engage in. Through Scripture, God has revealed both what He finds beautiful in a woman and what He expects of her.

And (very quickly) - I have bought a new book called The Nations favourite hymns (BBC - Song of Praise) - beautiful photos, the stories of the those who wrote the hymns and the hymns themselves.  You will see a few of these over the coming Sundays as I just love old hymns.


I recently bought the latest David Hobson's CD "Enchanted Way"which has a lovely array of old English songs eg Last Rose of Summer, Loch Lommand etc..  However, if you are not fond of tenors, then you may not like this.  I am also listening to Joshua Bell's "Voice of the Violin" - beautiful classical music (I love classical music and listen to it often).  I particularly enjoy the violin and Bell is such a talented player.  On reviewer on Amazon said 'Joshua Bell has the amazing ability to melt the listener with his magical playing' - I couldn't have said it better.


I finally watched the movie "Avatar" - one of the biggest grossing movies of all times - and to be honest, I couldn't understand all the hype.  The computer 3D is just amazing, but the story - well, nothing new - and it goes for 160mins.  Not time I will get back in my life!!!  Even my 2 sons couldn't understand all the hype around it, so it wasn't just me:)

Been watching some of the old (second season) of Midsomer Murders - quite entertaining it you like a very English murder mystery.

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  1. That first book - about the castle sounds really interesting - I'd like to see inside a castle one day! I think for heating you would have to use old-fashioned fires with those chimneys, wouldn't you?
    Glad you're enjoying the Fruitful Vine; I found it invaluably useful and so Bible-based.
    I don't think I would bother with Avatar - have seen a little about it on the web and it looks like a mind-numbing waste of time (in my opinon!)...
    Love classical music - the Voice of the Violin sounds interesting! I love violins - always wished I had been given a chance to learn to play!

  2. My daughter didn't much like Avatar either! I haven't forced myself to watch it either... can't be bothered really. Lauren told me that it is not really my type of movie, so I will take her word on it (as she knows me so well lol).

    The Castle looks gorgeous! I would love to see inside it too!

    You got me in the last sentence... Midsomer Murders! Nothing beats an episode complete with some crispy M&M's ;) We love that show in this house!

  3. Avatar cost between $280 million and $310 million for production, and at $150 million for promotion. What a lot of money for a poor quality story (I am sure that sort of money could be put to better use). However many, many people thought it was excellent. yes, Clara don't waste 160mins of your life!!

    Amanda - if you Google the castle you can find rooms to look at.

    I have bought the 2nd season of Midsommer Murders and enjoy watching them on a Saturday evening.

  4. Thanks for sharing your reading, listening, and watching. I am going to look for the book you mentioned, Fruitful Vine. And the castle... well, who doesn't want to live in a castle?? I may have to check that out, as well. Great reading going on in your home!


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