Trivia Tuesday: A to Z of things you didn't know about me:)

Apples – "lived" in an apple bin when little (!!!)  and love eating stewed apples with crumble

Bananas – no thanks, NOT EVER, never never never . .  . not even banana cake

Cats – cute and cuddle and o’ so sweet

Dobermans – love their owners, eat the neighbours (have owned/own 6 Dobermans)

Edges  - I have a height phobia so never go close to edges or ledges!!

Fitness –  what is fitness, too l a z y . . . I just walk very quickly to the car

Giggles – my brothers use to make me giggle at dinner (when we had visitors) and I would get into trouble (they didn't)

Hills – I am surrounded by hills and I love looking at them (don’t climb them, see F)

Illness – had German Measles as a child and almost died and still have no immunity to the disease

Jo – named after my grandmother Johanna, meaning “a gift from God” which I was after my oldest sister died from cot death at 4 months

Knitting – I have knitted 1 jumper and 2 scarves in my life time . . . that’s plenty don’t you think.

Laughter – good for one’s health- best done with friends

Mowed lawns – the best smell in the world, reminds me of my childhood

Nuts – love eating cashew nuts or making chocolate brownies with macadamia nuts

Olga – this is the name I wanted to call a  daughter, I was ten at the time ( No longer on my top ten favourite names!)

Pink –pink clothes, pink doona, pink throw rug, pink phone cover, pink sticky notes, I love pink

Quiet – I love the sound of silence

Rain – rain at night, what a wonderful comforting sound

Spelling – hopeless, spell check is my bestest friend

Ugg boots – wear these in winter to keep the toes warm

Vegetables – like (peas, carrots, sweet potato, beans) don’t like (parsnips, turnips) sort of (brussels sprouts)

War and Peace – read this when I was 16, great book, need plenty of time and patience

X-ray – only had one in my life to see why my spine is problematic

Yellow – looks terrible on me, makes me look ill (had to wear a canary yellow dress as an uniform once – looked ill for a year!)

Zzzzzz – nothing nicer that a sleep in on a cold winters morning


  1. HAHAHAHA!! I laughed so many times while reading this... Curious... did you miss "T" on purpose because you hate "t" as much as you hate bananas??? (just teasing) :)
    Do you mind if I copy this idea on my blog one day?? Such a fun way to learn more about a person!! :)

  2. Oh I love this little game - what a perfect way to learn about a friend! Had to laugh at the knitting one though!


  3. We are kindred spirits! I knew it! I, too, will not go near a banana under any circumstances; pink is my favourite color; I do NOT like yellow; I crave quiet (although I also love music); and the rain at night ~ wonderful! I laughed about the knitting. You have done more than I have! I am still wanting to learn. Sigh...

    Thanks for sharing. It was wonderful! Can I snag this from you and do it on my own blog, as well?

  4. Oh, and cats! I adore them. I had cats for years, but had to have allergy shots. They don't do allergy shots here (there's a surprise... can't imagine why the wonderful NHS won't do allergy shots), so no kitty for me till we move back to America. :-(

  5. Clara - feel free to use this on your blog - just remember there are 26 letters to the alphabet. I have included "T" in an entry all of its own:) !!!! (LOL)

    Stacey - please use and enjoy:) Sad about the cat allergy

    Vicki - even though I am not a knitter I always wore (as a child) hand-knitted jumpers as my mother knitted non-stop.

  6. I saw there was no T, but presumed that you just could not think of anything to go with it. I thought that tartan may have been included, or thocolate as you had already used the 'c'...

  7. My brothers were so cruel to make you laugh when you shouldn't!


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