Dogs, cats and cars

Brenin and Ruby asleep on the couch sleeping (this arrangement can only happen while both are asleep)

Brenin (the injured dog) went through 3 “buckets” this weekend and one bottle of “wound guard” (the spray to stop him touching his foot — it is meant to taste horrible — didn’t stop Brenin) as a result  we have had him indoors to keep him quiet and from not running about (our house had to be quickly dog proofed).  It took awhile to settle him but by the Saturday and Sunday afternoons he was lying quietly on the couch whilst I watched a DVD next to him.  I could wander off and do other things once he was full asleep.  Ruby (the kitten) was not happy with this arrangement and when she wasn’t asleep on my lap, she had to be in the bedroom as she would either want to sit and stare at Brenin (which he found a little freaky) or spit at him and show her claws (her way of saying “this is my house”).  My husband is home this week dog sitting — glad it is him and not me (he told me that today hasn’t been to bad)!  Only another 3 weeks. . . .
Ruby on my lap
Ruby helping with the groceries —see all her cans of food
What else happened — My eldest son went and bought a new car.  I thought he was quite brave, he did all the research and spoken with the Ford dealership and by this Wednesday will have his new car.  I was very proud of him — buying cars can be very daunting.   As you can image, he is REALLY EXCITED.

I'm attending a 2 day training course this week – I will be a whiz at Excel by the end (I am already quite good, so this is a refresher advance course)!!

Now back to a “normal” week – what is normal anyway??


  1. I had to laugh at the bit about Ruby sitting and staring at Brenin and him finding that a little freaky, LOL!
    In the pic of you holding Ruby, is that a homemade knitted jumper?? The colour is very pretty!
    I'm with you - what IS a normal week??? :P

  2. No it isn't a handmade jumper - I bought it a few years ago from Susan Gray. It has lasted so well and it is the sort that can be put into the washing machine and it doesn't stretch. I wear it a lot on weekends.

  3. Jo, you do realise that Brenin may become quite accustomed to life indoors?! Move over Ruby ;)

  4. Amanda -

    No ... no ... no ... the dog is not moving indoors. Ruby has full run of the house and is smaller, cleaner and doesn't loose hair!!! But yes, he will be so disappointed when he is back outdoors full-time.

  5. Well I am sure Gaia will be quite pleased to have her companion outside again... she must look jealously through the glass door, wondering why the sudden fuss over Brenin ;)

  6. Poor kitty! Being invaded by a dog! LOL!
    And please, give a course on your blog on excel! LOL! I can do only a basic spreadsheet and then I'm completely lost but I look at all the buttons and such and just know that there's a plethora of things that can be done that I have no idea how to do.
    Have a great day!

  7. Thanks Kim - I use Excel everyday and could use it in my sleep. My spreadsheets and me are best friends!!!

  8. Oh - the pictures of your sweet pets are just precious! I hope your puppyis getting better ! Yea for your son - he is a great boy do do that by himself!


  9. What is normal, indeed?? Wonderful pictures of your pets! I especially love kitties, and I think Ruby is quite adorable.

    You must be proud of your son. I agree, buying a car is very daunting, especially through a dealership. He must be very excited to be getting it!

  10. Ruby is gorgeous. Ours know when I've been shopping & practically count the tins of food to make sure I haven't forgotten them.

    You know I think your don is terribly, terribly brave. Next time I need a car I'll give him a buzz...


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