My day

Breakfast in bed - don't get too jealous, this wasn't me this morning (above) - I got out of bed and made breakfast myself before climbing back into bed with crumpets and honey and a mug of Jasmine Tea.  I do this every Saturday and Sunday, it makes for a very relaxing start to the day. (and perfect on a very cold and frosty winters morning)  I usually eat my breakfast and read but need to be very careful not to get honey on my book or down the front of my nightie!!  Ruby curls up next to me feeling very content.

After breakfast I set off on a journey across the border into New South Wales to visit Spotlight (they sell fabric, crafty things, Manchester etc..)  - I was hunting for fabric to be made into a pinafore for winter.  Found just what I was looking for which I was thrilled with (you will have to wait to see the finished product!).  I also wandered around checking out other stuff but becuase I was being frugal I only bought  a fitted bed sheet (flannelet for winter).

Grocery shopping - not something I really enjoy but needs to be done.  The worse bit is packing the bags (I shop at Aldi where they do not pack bags), carting it all to the car and the unpacking (yuk).  Yep, builds the muscles and we do need to eat.

On the way home I stopped off at Koorang to buy some books.  This is a great Christian book shop with such a large range of books (and a lovely friendly feel to it).  It is also a very busy shop which I find uplifting, knowing there are many other people wanting to read Christian literature.  If I wasn't being frugal I could have spent a fortune.

After all my hard work I decided I should enjoy an afternoon nap (after dropping Caius off at a friends and stopping at another shop to buy cat food - my cat doesn't like the cat food from Aldi - why do cats have opinions!).  So I lay on the couch, put my feet up and closed my eyes.  Someone came and mentioned curry (not sure what was said), someone else said something (missed that) and Ruby sat on my tummy and went to sleep.  It was most enjoyable.
Dinner is current cooking on the stove - my husband has made a curry which I don't eat (TOO HOT), so I have made myself macaroni cheese (my favourite, not his).  It is almost ready to eat (it smells nice).

So bye for now - off to have dinner and relax for the evening.  
I think I will go to bed early with a book and enjoy my new sheets.
It hasn't been a difficult day - very enjoyable.

How was your day?

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  1. My day was much more hectic than yours, but I feel more relaxed after reading about your afternoon nap with a kitty on your tummy. Makes me miss my kitties .....

  2. I like the sound of having brekky in bed (even if you did make it yourself), reading and curling up with Ruby. What a lovely start to your Saturday!

  3. Why is that men don't like mac and cheese? I love it dearly, but my husband would rather eat just about anything else. Needless to say, whenever I have a girls night with some ladies over, I almost always make mac and cheese!

  4. Sounds like a perfect Saturday!
    We had breakfast together - our Sat morning ritual, it's usually pancakes or something else but today we had bacon and eggs after a long break from it.
    Hubby went off to spend time with a boy he's mentoring in the afternoon and so dd and I had a quiet time at home chilling out, reading etc.
    Went out to dinner with my sister and her family which was lovely!

  5. I know what you mean! Sometimes a girl just has to make her own breakfast in bed.:-)
    I wouldn't knock back that curry though! Yum

  6. A little late sleeping, some shopping, not much house work, and finishing it all off with some mac and cheese - I would say that you did have a great day!


  7. This sounds like a wonderful day! I just love shopping at Spotlight!! And your day sounds quite relaxing despite the fact that you did quite a bit!! Enjoy sharing in your day through your blog :)


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