Off on a plane

As you are reading this I am on a plane on my way to spend a week with my parents and siblings in Adelaide.  I am not the only one in the air, as we speak, my brother from the USA is also on his way, he arrives tomorrow morning.  I haven't seen him since 2007, so it will be a very exciting week.  I can't wait.

Thanks to modern technology I have scheduled in some blogging that will appear whilst I am away!!  I have been busy preparing blogs so my blog doesn't stay empty for a week and get lonely!!! I will be able to read all your wonderful comments via my phone internet (hint hint) or on my brothers computer - so I can still stay in touch (and read your blogs, which I love to do).

As this is Art Wednesday I thought I would have a theme on aviation.  However when I started searching for aviation art all I could find was artworks with bomber planes blowing up things.  Some were quite nice, but I thought not for tonight (too boyish).  So I decided to look at early aviation posters - I love old posters, the art was often simple (not to get in the way of the message) but far more interesting than modern advertising.  Check out the ones below (artists are unknown, often they are long forgotten as this was their job).  I particular like the Art Deco poster and the last one (Flying Dutch Air Lines).   Don't you think these were far more classier than modern advertising.
Art Deco Aviation poster
Qantas Empire Airways cira 1940/1950s
Air France 1947

. . . au revoir. . .


  1. Have a wonderful trip dear Jo! These posters are fabulous! My husband is a recreational pilot - owns 2 planes and loves all things airplane related. I must show these to him!


  2. I love vintage advertising in general. Yes, MUCH more appealing than today's ads. The ad people of today could take a lesson, I think.

    Hope you have a wonderful, special time with your family!

  3. Have a wonderful time visiting your family! :)

  4. Love the Deco....but then again, I love everything Deco. There was a fabulous Deco travel poster that I remember seeing on Antiques Roadshow a couple of years ago. Here's the clip, if you'd like to watch!

  5. There is a lot to be said for early advertising... Today so much of it is just annoying or it has horrible inuendos or references (eg. sexual)... And apart from that, a lot of it encourages our selfish society! :(
    I like these ones you posted! :)

  6. Hey! Nick is in Oz and not coming to Sydney? That is VERY sad! Would have loved to have seen him! How long is he over for?

    Have fun in SA!



  7. yes, they are definitely much classier! I'm with Clara on the modern advertising!
    have a wonderful time with your family and now I need to check out how you post date blog posts, I never knew you could do that or do you have them saved in your drafts and then post them later via your phone?

  8. If you look at the bottom of the blogger editor, there is a "post options" that you can click on. On the right, you will see a place where you can "schedule" your posts :) Mine comes up with the American way of writing dates, so be aware of that!

  9. oh ok, thanks Clara, I'll remember that for next time! very helpful!


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