Today's observations

When you catch a bus you get the opportunity to observe the human race!!  Here are some of my observations from today:

  1. How did the blind man (sitting behind me) know when to get off the bus at his bus stop?
  2. Girls wearing very short short (uniform) skirts should be careful about bending over and sitting down.
  3. School children no longer give up their seats when adults get on the bus eg the elderly or woman.
  4. Why do young people (who don't have a seat) have to congregate at the front of the bus making it very difficult for people to get on and off?
  5. Why do people chew gum with their mouths open?
  6. Wearing black footless tights and a jumper does NOT make for a pretty sight
* * * 
Australia has a new Prime Minister, the first woman Prime Minister (Julia Gillard) - what do you think, good, bad or indifferent? For those not familiar with our system of government, the previous Prime Minister (Kevin Rudd) was removed by his own party at a vote this morning, with the party having lost faith in his ability to win power at the next election (sometime in the next 10 months) and to run the country.  
* * *

Something amusing that I wanted to share this with you.
I own a “wheat bag” (like this one) — the sort you heat in the microwave for 2 mins and take to bed to keep your toes warm.  Last night when I was lying in bed with my hot wheat bag reading the instructions (as one does):

Heat for 2 mins in microwave.  Do not heat for more than 2 mins otherwise bag could explode. DO NOT ADD OIL

mmmm — hadn’t thought about adding oil — why would you?  It’s not like I’m cooking the wheat to eat in bed!!!

* * *


  1. Hahaha!! Why indeed.
    And *YUCK* I hate that tights and jumper fashion, and the lack of manners these days... Interesting observations!
    I had no idea about the Prime Minister - maybe I'm a little too out of touch here... I guess I forgot to read the news headlines while my laptop was in for a service. Sharing computers doesn't make for a LOT of time online!! LOL! Good thing I read your blog!

  2. Maybe some people are looking for an oil heater?
    I made a short post on the PM issue from the POV of biblical leadership. I am not a really poliical body but it seemed a ruthless coup.
    I liked your people watching observations. It is amazing how many blind folk get to know where things are. Very sensitive in other ways it seems.

  3. Boy oh boy! My sentiments exactly. Why indeed? The whole tights (so-called "leggings") and jumper or long, clingy tee-shirt thing is big over here, too. And SO unattractive. I get so annoyed, but really, I feel sorry for these poor girls, and quite a few older women, too, sad to say. And yes, the short skirts and the giant gap between the top of the skirt or trousers and the bottom of the shirt is NOT a good thing! Ugh!

    Your thoughts are right on target, I think! Your PM, well, I am not at all well-versed in Australian or even British politics (that's what comes of 43 years living in America and knowing that system inside and out), but I think a similar thing happened over here, when Brown was removed and a coalition government formed. It's all very strange to me. And it does seem a bit mercenary at times. It very much seems like the individual politicians' personal agendas driving the nation. Sad.

  4. did you know that shower caps come with instructions??
    All this talk of Julia's hair is hopefully not the way things will continue

  5. Stacey - the girl in the leggings was wearing a jumper that came to her WAIST - it covered NOTHING AT ALL. No imagination was required. I'm sorry but I just stared in dis-belief that any sane person through this was a good idea!! (and on a cold day)

    Our political system is based on the British.

    Jo - I must look at my shower cap!!! I think we will hear more about Julia's hair and clothes than we have ever heard about Rudd's outfits.

  6. First of all you are a brave woman to ride the bus in the first place. But what a bonus to be able to observe what you did. LOL!
    And as far as your government, I can't help there because I think our government sucks right now and our current president is trying to dump America into the ground. Just my opinion. He won't be happy until we are a socialist country.

    And I am laughing at the whole instructions on your heat pad. Don't add oil? HA!

    Have a fabulous day Jo!

  7. When we lived in Brisbane, we often caught the train into the city. I would find it fascinating observing people too.

    As far as the whole PM issue. It is a dog eat dog world out there... I don't have much else to say on the subject lol. I am not much into politics, as I think they are all as bad as each other.

  8. Oh! LOLOL...hmmm, gee, why wouldn't you add oil??? know, I've read that they put instructions on things to cover themselves for things that have ACTUALLY happened...does that mean that someone actually DID put oil? So, now they have to mention it? Silly!
    Don't know much about Prime Ministers and running of countries...they aren't doing so hot over here right now, and I'll just stop at that. :)
    Love your bus observations...not sure about the blind man, perhaps the driver knows him well enough???

  9. My mother-in-law fills her bags with rice. My husband, having grown up with them, loves them dearly. I think they smell a bit funny. I was quite amused when my mother-in-law wrapped some up one Christmas and sent them to my parents, via me. My mom opened the package, looked at them, and said "What in the world do I do with it?" I was amused.

  10. Very interesting observations!

    I have to ask.....When you say 'jumper' do you mean a sweater? In America a jumper is a dress, so at first I was confused by that observation. But then I remembered my friend from the UK once told me that 'jumpers' to them are 'sweaters' so I was thinking perhaps it's the same in Australia. If that is what you mean then I completely agree!

    Blessings! (o:

  11. A Quiet, Gracious Life:
    I only learnt the other day that Americans called dresses jumpers!! All new to me:) Interestedly to us, a sweater is not a knitted jumper, rather one of the fleecy sorts that you would wear during a jog or walk.

    No, I was referring to a sweater that only went to the waist, not the long types of sweaters that can be quite long.

  12. I knew they called a dress a 'jumper' in America. But it is more the type of dress we would call a pinafore, which you'd wear a shirt underneath.

    Regarding the new PM, I had the TV on all that morning and I think Rudd stepped down allowing Gillard to be elected unopposed. I guess, after counting numbers, Rudd realised there was no point contesting the leadership. (Much more dignified to step down.) Very interesting time, politically. I used to look forward to the day Australia had a female PM, but I never thought it would happen this way.

    I have seen the latest look - tights which are not much thicker than stockings teamed with a jumper. On a very slender woman it looks bad, on someone with more padding it looks absolutely horrendous!


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