Art Wednesday

You probably expected to see some masterpiece this week - no - instead you will be seeing some of my more '"arty" photos that I took whilst I was on holidays.   To take these photos I had to get up very early (before the sun rose) and endure icy, frosty, cold and foggy conditions. 

They were all taken in the Adelaide Hills (country South Australia) which is a farming community eg cattle and vineyards.   I grew up in this area and it is so beautiful.

Enjoy. . . winter in rural South Australia . . .

It was completely worth getting up early to take these photos, even if my toes got very cold. Thanks Stephen for driving me about:)

* * *

P.S. Happy Birthday to my eldest brother


  1. Gorgeous photos... you can just *feel* the cold, looking at them!

    I love the tree photo (3rd one), especially... what a beautiful old tree!

  2. These are great photos, Jo. I'd like to go back to Adelaide sometime and drive around the Adelaide Hills and see where you grew up again. It's been years. Such a beautiful area. Love the frostiness. :)

  3. Absolutely breathtaking and beautiful dear Jo! This was so worth the cold - and I would have done the same thing. There is nothing like the first breath of morning~~


  4. oh wow, they are all so....beautiful and a credit to your photographic abilities! I definitely enjoyed this art Wednesday:)

  5. Jo, these photos are wonderful - I especially love the vineyard ones.

    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog again. I really appreciate your visit. Jigsaws are cool, aren't they!

  6. Lovely photos...very Australian, well done

  7. Beautiful photos! It is a pleasure to see Australia this way. It seems so far away to me. I love the vineyard photos.


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