My holidays: Part 2

Whilst I was away my two brothers and I went to the seaside.  My American brother (Nick) lives in the middle of the USA and doesn't see the sea very often so he requested a trip to the beach so we went to Victor Harbour (a popular summer destination). We had a great day stopping off at different beaches, taking lots of photos of waves and birds, going for a few short walks and eating fish and chips for lunch.  You are probably thinking that we had our lunch on the beach watching the waves.  Well . . .  no . . . the sand was wet and we didn't have a blanket . . . and I didn't want to get a damp bottom!  Unable to find a nice park bench, we ate our lunch in the car near the beach.  We decided that we had reached "that" age where eating in the car is acceptable.

Below are a few photos of our walk to Granite Island (where 700 fairy penguins live . .  not that we saw any during the day), it is connected to the mainland by this bridge.  It took about 10mins to walk across the bridge - we walked very quickly as we only had 45 mins to walk over, have a look around and walk back before the car parking metre ran out!!! Nothing wrong with a brisk walk after lunch in the sea air:)
In one direction the sky was blue, in the other direction is was overcast and cloudy.  Even though it was winter, it wasn't very cold or windy, in fact really nice.
I think the clouds add character to any photo.
This is a beautiful Clydesdale horse pulling a train. I am never sure if animals like doing this sort of job, I know the Clydesdale was bred for work but he didn't look happy (can you tell if a horse is happy?).  They only make 3 trips per horse per day so maybe that is ok.  Below is his friend.

On the other side of Victor Harbour is a hill called The Bluff.  After eating 3 hot cinnamon sugar donuts, Nick thought it was a good idea that I walked "quickly" up the hill. The view was worth the effort.
I took lots of photos of the waves crashing onto the beach - I won't bore you with all of them, just this one.

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  1. Lovely, lovely photos! There's nothing better than seemingly limitless water before you. Though I am far, far from any ocean, I do love my Great Lakes so much. Nothing makes you feel small like standing on the edge of one, knowing that you could not possibly ever see what is on the other side. It always makes me think of how big God is, and how small I am in comparison - in a good way!

    Out of curiosity, what sort of temps do you have in the winter? Winter here means snow and ice and cold, cold weather. I assume that your climate is a bit more temperate?

  2. Val, Where I live it is cold and frosty with 28.4F/-2C at night and 50F/10C during the day (however the apparent temperate can be 35.6F/2C during the day it we get winds off the mountains). We are 2 hours from the mountains (which are currently covered in snow) and only a few days ago it dropped to -4F/-20C overnight which is really cold.

    However where these photos were taken it was around 59F/15C which is quite pleasant in the sun and no wind. Most of Australia is quite pleasant in winter - however I live in one of the few places that it does get cold - we are also inland about 2.5 hours drive!!

    That sea you are referring to goes all the way the the Arctic with no land it is way and that is BIG!!!

  3. Those photos are really beautiful, Jo!
    The load looks REALLY heavy for one Clydesdale to pull - I'm kind of surprised they allow it in this day and age!
    I particularly like the photo of the wave - that's a really great shot. :)

  4. I enjoyed your photos Jo! I have never been to SA, so I love to get a glimpse.

    I do think the horse looks sad-ish. I know they are strong but it does look a lot for just him. I am sure they know what they are doing (we hope!).

  5. Oh, your photos are gorgeous! Beautiful scenery. And the bridge to the island sounds a wonderful walk. What great colours. And yes, eating in the car is a-ok, if you ask me. We have had picnics in the car, due to the frequently inclement weather here! Your trip sounds like so much fun.

  6. You are a terrific photographer. Some really great shots. I too love clouds ~ & those bleak all the shades of grey you can imagine shots. I really enjoyed these. ☺

  7. Stunning photography Jo - absolutely beautiful - your photos always are! You had such a wonderful visit - I am so happy for you! These photos don't even need words - they are marvelous. Do we get to see photos of you and your brothers?



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