One spoilt kitty

Warning: If you are not a cat lover you may not find this story interesting but you may think I am slightly batty, if you are a cat lover you are bound to like this story but still think I am slightly batty!!

Ruby is 8 months old (no, not a child - a Ragdoll x kitten) and she lives indoors.  Because she doesn't have access to trees to climb (like Charlie does) I thought she needed something she could play on and get her exercise so I invested in a scratching tree.  It arrived yesterday in the post. One very heavy box.
The box was very full of parts and one sheet of instructions - how hard can it be. Started at 5:30pm
Wow, this is easy - almost complete.  Wait, why don't the screws at the top work. Oops, an error in construction.  6:00pm (dinner not started yet).
Ok, lets have a closer look - worked it out - it needs to be built from the top down and not from the bottom up.  No, not in the instruction. 6:15pm (no dinner yet).
"The supervisor"
It is now 6:30pm - COMPLETED - owner has moved in.  Almost 2 metres tall with 5 levels!!!
Vacuum up mess, throw away large box and other rubbish.
Owner happy.
Dinner can now commenced
Dinner served late.

Exhausted . . . . . . . Owner of new house is spoilt. . . .

* * *


  1. is that blue velvet? More than spoilt!! Where did you find this?
    LL S

  2. Stephen - Yes, it is a velvet type fabric (very soft) I found it through a website (something Direct) so it was much cheaper than if I bought it in the shops.

  3. That's awesome! Ruby is one very lucky kitty.

  4. Wow, that's amazing - I've never seen anything like it!

  5. Ruby is spoilt, like all pets should be LOL! She looks very pleased (and curious) with her new 'toy'. I am sure you will have hours of fun just watching her explore and play on it...

  6. Not sure whether that first comment posted? If so, just delete this one.
    I commented that you were indeed batty but I love the "castle".

  7. My comment got ated. Ruby is indeed a spoilt moggy ~ & very loved. I can tell. ♥ That is a very fine scratching post indeed!

  8. I was waiting for the punch line that when the scratching post was complete, she then proceeded to play in the box for the rest of the evening. That's the kind of cat that I grew up with!

    Anyhow, nice job assembling. I'm sure Ruby will spend many happy hours on/in it!

  9. I love cats! And they should be spoiled. I miss my cat who lived to be 19. I can't have cats here in the UK because they won't give me allergy shots. Someday, when we move back to the US ~ first two things I will do: get allergy shots; get cat. Your kitty is beautiful!

  10. the things we do for our kitties!!!
    (she deserves it though!)



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