The rules state that a recipient of the Beautiful blogger award must
*add a link & a note of thanks to the person giving the award
* Pass the award on to the most beautiful blogs you love
*Share 7 things about yourself

Each evening I read through my favourite blogs and when I got to Ganeida's Knots what a lovely surprise was waiting for me - she had been so kind to give me a "Beautiful Blogger Award".  I was delighted. But, then I read the small print and found out that I had to share 7 things about myself.  All week I have been thinking. . . . .  what haven't I already told you . . .  this is a test of my memory.
  1. I have very curly hair and have spent my life trying to straighten it.  I also don't like getting my hair wet in the rain as it turns into a mop - you can imagine what it was like when I lived in the tropics.
  2. I would love to visit the polar bears in the Arctic and see otters in the wild.
  3. When I was in primary school (around the age of 6) I wore a beautiful pale blue dress to school, the fabric was very delicate and the kids teases me and said it was made of toilet paper.  I never wore it again. On another occasion I wore my slippers - not a good move!
  4. I use to sketch and paint and particularly liked drawing cottages - haven't done any in years.
  5. We have owned pet rats for 10 years and the current one is called Scamps. Ruby loves to watch Scamps and wouldn't mind playing with him, but he just wants to bit her . . . I assume Ruby doesn't know about rats and cats.
  6. I went to University, but I did it via correspondences (as I had a baby) and all my lectures were sent to me on tapes, this was before the internet took off.  I use to write my essays at the coffee table sitting on the floor with Tristan lying across my lap sleeping.  After 6 years (rather than the usual 3) I competed my Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology. To celebrate we bought a CD player!!!!
  7. I am hopeless at learning languages - I just can't get my tongue around words.  I learnt German at school and can now only say a few words.

And for the Beautiful Bloggers out there (and there are many, these are only the tip of the iceberg) - I pass the award onto:
  • Victorians Didn't Even Like Pink - I have learnt so much about architecture in the USA and its social history of 21st century.  Val, you are one very interesting lady and very talented when it comes to sewing.
  • Abounding Treasures - I always think this is a very gentle blog, full of wise words. Dallas is also a very crafty lady.
  • A Lamb in the Field - As I am of Scottish heritage I particular enjoy Stacey's trips around Scotland - her photos are beautiful. 
  • Dreaming of Days Gone By - this blog is full of challenging topics, many thought provoking  - it gets me thinking (PS Clara is having a small blog break at the moment)
    And I could have gone on much longer . . .  it is very special to connect with so many Christian  women blogger who all think pretty much the same. 

    * * *

    And now I will leave you with a beautiful picture
    taken in France, no never been but
    would love to one day.
    I love moody photos.


    1. That little house and the field is just gorgeous... I love photos like these also.

      Thank you for the 7 interesting facts about you... I always enjoy learning more about my blogging friends. Have a lovely weekend Jo.

    2. I love that "moody" photo as well.
      Thanks for the interesting little facts about yourself and congratulations on the blog award.

    3. Aw, thank you Jo. I am honoured to receive the blog award! :)
      Those are interesting facts about you... Kids are so cruel to each other (regarding the dress)! :(
      Love the picture - such a contrast of colours. God used such amazing colours when He created the world and the light that gives it colour!

    4. Congratulation! You DO have a beautiful blog and it is so nice to get to know yet another Aussie sister!

    5. Love, love, love moody pictures. That is a wonderful one.

      Thank you for doing this. As a newish reader I am still getting to know you & I am insatiable curious. ☺

    6. You are such a dear! Thank you so much for the kind words and the award....I will be posting about it in the next couple of days. Sorry it took me a bit to find it....we spent most of the weekend in the car, so my stops in blogland were zilch! That's what happens when you have a family birthday and the gift of a dinner cruise in one weekend.

      I must tell you that while I do appreciate your moody pictures, I do love your Ruby shots best. I miss having a kitty, but at this time, alas, it's not in the cards.

    7. Thank you for the award. I am honoured. It is a blessing to know you as a blog friend!

    8. Love learning new things about you dear Jo! I will share something about me for you - I am terrified of elevators - totally! I work on the 5th floor of the hospital and climb 5 flights of stairs about 4 times a day!

      Love the photo - !!!



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