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Brenin: Back on the 18th of June I wrote about Brenin and his broken toe, after many battles to keep  the bandages on his foot (daily replacement, sometimes more) + several trips to the vet, he finally made it to the 8th July with good enough recovery for us to remove the bandages. He is no longer limping (but I have noticed he is being careful when he runs about) and it doesn't hurt any more.  So glad that is over.  My husband ended up staying at home for 2 weeks and my son stayed home for almost a week (fortunately it was school holidays)!!!

This is my husband filling up the buckets (where we store the dog food) - we need to buy 20kg bags of dog food each fortnight. They also each 2 cans of (home-brand) sardines each day.
Ruby: she has now forgiven me my 7 days absences but keeping a watchful eye in-case I disappear again!!  As she is an indoor cat I thought she needed something interesting to play in so I ordered her a tunnel which I picked up today (not quite 1 metre in length).   Below are some photos of her playing in it - I have learnt my lesson - do not wiggle my fingers at the entrances as she can run very fast from one end to the other and it HURTS!!  Tristan tucked the tunnel into her scratching tower to make it more exciting!!
Baking: I thought my sons needed some home-make cupcakes - I hadn't made this recipe before but they contain 1 1/2 cups of coconut (+ the usual flour, eggs, milk and sugar) which I am told makes for a  far more moist cupcake.  You will noticed 3 cupcakes with no icing,  Tristan thought they were nicer without the chocolate icing - I have to disagree!.

* * *
Time to think about dinner . . .
no idea what to cook . . . 
what do you cook when you can't think of anything?!?!?

And it isn't because I am short of cookbooks, far from it!!

* * *


  1. lol. Had to laugh about the tunnel. I still get caught out wiggling my toes as I settle into bed for the night & every single time Marlow goes fishing under the bedclothes for my toes! Ouchy indeed.

  2. I love how you spoil your pets... wish more looked after their pets the way you do.

    Up until a couple of weeks ago, we were giving Darcy homebrand sardines every day, usually at breakfast. He had a dreadful tummy problem a couple of months ago, resulting in an overnight vet hospital stay. It wasn't the sardines that caused it, but we changed his diet from then on. Now he is better, I should buy them again, as he loved them. Then again, Darcy will eats most foods lol.

    How about Taco's? They are a great, quick meal to prepare and very tasty!

  3. Hi Jo - so nice to have you back! Hope you had a wonderful trip! So glad that Brenin has healed and is out of that funy and most uncomfortable contraption! That Ruby is adorable - dont you just love the way kitties play! The cupcakes - look yummy - I LOVE cupcakes! I know your family is happy to have you back home.


  4. What to cook... depends on what meat I have available to use... If all else fails I make tuna mornay or tuna mornay bake (which I posted on my recipe blog recently). Or I make a homemade pizza with bacon on it. I have some other recipes I use as fallbacks too, but I don't want to bore you with them all!!! :)

  5. I was in the same boat today, made devils food cake & then couldn't be bothered cooking a meal! So we had homemade pizzas, easy to please everyone that way


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