Yorkshire Pudding

I was talking with  my brother (the one who lives in the USA) about Yorkshire Pudding/Toad in the Hole and how much we both really enjoy this dish, likewise our children.  As I was making one last Thursday I wondered if Nick and I were the only ones about that still make this classic English meal.  For those who have no idea what I am talking about - Toad in the Hole contains sausages and Yorkshire Pudding has no sausages but both use the same batter (see recipe).  It is delicious - but not healthy. I would usually serve it with roast veggies, peas and gravy.  But mash potatoes is also very nice with it.  It is best cooked in a tin pan as it crisps the sides far better than glass. 

It is called "toad in the hole" because it looks like a toad sticking its little head out of its hole...when the sausage cooks, it pokes its "head" out of the batter!!!! Not sure if the photo above does!!  Its origins are unknown - but is meant to date back to the 1700s.  It would have been cheap and easy to make and can is very filling - probably peasant food.

Have you ever cooked it? 


  1. Absolutely!! I cooked it for a camp, and all the people of English (and other parts of the UK) migrant history were rapt with the tast of the old days. I actually cut my sausages up into pieces, it works well if you have a sausage sizzle (as we did for lunch at the camp) and you have left over sausages. Having a very hot pan before pouring the batter in is the key, so if cooking the sausages in the pan (and with Aussie sausages you probably do not need to oil the pan first as the fats in the sausages will be plenty) you need to be ready with the batter, take the pan from the oven, pour the batter immediately, then back in the oven.
    LL S

  2. I cook mine in a metal muffin pan -- preheated and then sprayed with Pam. They don't stick when you do that. They always turn out beautifully. In fact I use Bob's Red Mill gluten free plain flour and the same recipe as for regular flour. I once tried a gluten free specific recipe but we didn't like it at all. They are very similar to what American's call pop-overs. BTW we all agree here, it's just a good excuse to eat lot's of gravy! "Zoe had made a large number of little round ones as the farmer's wives often did; delicious golden cups, crisply brown round the sides." All Things Bright and Beautiful, Ch. 37, by James Herriot.


  3. This is a family favourite here! I use leftover sausages (or even frankfurts!) and my half-dozen are disappointed if we don't have it at least once a fortnight.

    But to try and make it slightly healthier, I always use a half/half mix of plain and wholemeal flour, and serve it with a lot of fresh veggies. One day I was out of white flour and used all wholemeal and my husband loved it (not the children, though.)

  4. I haven't made this before, but it looks filling!

    My husband would have eaten this many times, as he comes from England.

    Mashed potatoes are wonderful aren't they?! They go with almost anything. A fav in this house.

  5. I've heard of this, but never made it or eaten it... I must give it a go!! :)

  6. We had toad in the hole this week! It is a filling, comfort-food kind of dish. How funny that you should post on it, and we just had it. It's a regular on our menu, showing up at least once a month. We like to have sausages in giant Yorkshire puddings, too!

  7. I have never had this dish, but it looks yummy.

    Thank you for coming by my blog today. My meeting went well with the young girl, though she is full of anger from the years of being pushed around. Poor child.

    I'm sorry to hear your son had to endure this too.

    I am thrilled to meet another Sister in Christ. I am your newest follower. I hope you'll keep up with me as well.

    In Him,

  8. Hi,I come across your blog while browsing via blog hop.I got attracted so I decided to follow you.Your blog seems to be peaceful and very homely. I havent tried this Yorkshire Pudding but I would love to introduce it to my family and I know they would love it.I hope you could get to visit my place too.
    All the best,

  9. Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing :)



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