Immeasurable Love

We are so preciously loved by God
that we cannot comprehend it.
No created being can ever know
how much and how sweetly and
tenderly God loves them. It is only
with the help of His grace that we
are able to persevere in spiritually
contemplation with endless
wonder at His high, surpassing
immeasurable love with our Lord
in His goodness has for us.

-Julian of Norwich - 

For God so loved the world,
that he gave his only begotten Son, 
that whosoever believeth in him should not perish,
but have everlasting life.
John 3:16


  1. Thank you for reminding me, that is so precious!!!
    God bless you!

  2. Jo, I remember singing that song (Jesus loves me, this I know) when I was in Sunday School as a little one.

    It was a seed in my heart and in my darkest hour just before I was saved, this song kept springing up to my mind and helped paved the way for Him to come and take hold of my life. It is a very precious little song to me.

    This whole post matches beautifully for me, the song, the poem and the scripture

  3. Amanda - I learnt the piano when I was little (I was never very good as I didn't practice very often, too lazy) - but one hymn I learnt to play was Jesus Loves Me and I would play away and sing at the top of my voice. Simple words with a great message. I have noticed a few blogs this week all with a focus of love.

  4. beautiful words, Jo. I think "Jesus Loves Me" is one of those timeless hymns that children of all eras love. My children love singing it too.
    Beautiful picture too. So simple and yet beautiful.


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