Mis-truths and avoidance

Politicians tell the community what they want to hear, whether that means stretching the truth or just not mentioning all the facts.  It doesn’t really matter what side of politics they are on, all do it to some degree.  We teach our children not to lie, to be honest — however as adults it is done without much thought and appears to be acceptable.  As I try and avoid the current election in Australia I can’t help but hear those mistruths on such topics as population, immigration, debt, families and the list goes on.  In some ways truth gets in the way of creating fear in the community — a fear that perhaps wasn’t really there in the first place.  The one we are hearing at the moment is being swamped by boat people (illegal arrivals).  It doesn't take very long before fear is created when one party keeps on repeating the message "stop the boats".  In fact it is quite scary that we are so easily convinced. without any facts  You would think that 1000's of illegal immigrants are arriving in hundreds of boats, that just isn't the case.  However what would political parties gain by being honest???
There are also facts and figures that the politicians do not want to talk about or brush over quickly and move on.  Two issues come to mind: suicide and abortions. Suicide is complex and its effects on families and friends is long lasting and devastating. In 2008, 2 191 people died as a result of suicide, (however this is considered an under-count of the true number of suicide deaths much higher)  Each year around the same number die, it is a tragedy that isn’t declining. Sadly it is males  who are dying (78% of all suicide deaths are male) and they are not young (average age of 42.5).  This is an area that this needs urgent government funding, what it receives is small in comparison to the problem — instead it is brushed away as a problem that cannot be solved.   My son’s friend lost his father recently to suicide as he couldn’t cope with his divorce.  How sad that no one was there to help — it is a sad indictment of our society.

The other tragedy is abortion — it doesn’t matter who is in power, the numbers remain the same. So voting conservative makes no differences.  However, in this country it isn’t a topic that either party talk about. The figures are difficult to obtain but roughly in 2008, 72 5974 abortions were performed (private patients only), some of these where due to medical necessity e.g. to save the mother, but most were not.  These are scary figures.

Are these topics avoided because they are too tough to discuss, the public don’t like talking about these difficult and emotional issues or perhaps they are not vote winners.   The latter is probably closer to the truth.  How can children learn to do the right thing when people in powerful positions are doing the very opposite?


  1. FYI. I was reading this about USA and abortions

    More than 42 million unborn babies have lost their lives [in the USA] since the United States Supreme Court decided on January 22, , that women have a constitutionally protected right to have an abortion. According to the 2000 census, this number equals the current population of 19 different states. . . The number 42 million also equals the combined populations of California and Georgia. . . On a daily basis, abortion takes more lives than were lost in the September 11th tragedy. On average, 3,836 pre-born babies have been routinely eliminated every day for thirty years. Since 1973, unwanted pre-born babies have had their lives ended at an average rate of 2.5 per minute, 160 an hour, and 1,400,000 a year!

  2. The Australian abortion figure is an undercount as it only includes private patients and not those in public hospitals. That data is not available. Only one state in Australia collects comprehensive data that is publicly available.

  3. We need to keep praying for this nation....

  4. Sadly our family is one that has been affected by suicide ~ an 18yr old cousin of mine. It is devestating for everyone.

    I used to work with homeless youth: don't get me started on the abortion issue!

    And people wonder why people are so cynical about politics in this country.

  5. Been reading your blog for a while. thought this might be a good tie to delurk. You seem to be a closet Labor supporter. Abbot saying he will 'stop the boats' isn't scaremongering. Boat people represent, in the minds of most Australian, illegal immigrant no matter which way they arrive. Ordinary Australians aren't racist, they just want to know that their hard-paid taxes aren't going to support non-Australians who come here just for the welfare system. Or they are worried that immigrants will take less pay for the same work, and they will be out of a job. And these illegal immigrants tend to resist blending with Australian culture but rather create pockets of their nation in various places around the country. Only this morning at my child's school I heard at least six different languages being spoken before I heard English ... and none of those were interested in returning my good morning greeting or even meeting my smile with one of their own.

    Suicide and abortion are important issues but as long as the same extreme politicians who advocate letting anyone and everyone into our country (Greens, and to a lesser degree Labor) keep spouting off about women's rights abortion will never been seen as murder, and suicide will become irrelevant as these factions push for legalised voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide. Unfortunately these politicial parties' policies are only downgrading the value of human life

  6. Interesting post Jo (as always lol).

    I am deeply grieved when I read about the numbers of abortions and suicide.. it is indeed troubling and really points to the poor state of the true Church, as well as society.

    Regarding the boat people. Well, I could go on and on about that one, as I am one who sees that it is a real concern for all Australians.

    There are many true and informative articles on the internet (tv telecasts etc) about the mission of Islamic groups. A lot of these 'boat people' are of such origins. The plan and mission of many Islamic groups is to establish control and dominion of many nations, Australia is not exempt from the plan.

    I can imagine the fear that will spread through this nation once they gain power and control, and they will if not stopped, and they implement their Sharia Law here. Women will be stoned, their age old laws wreaking fear and havoc through the land. I know many think it is far fetched, but it is certainly a very real possibility. There is so much to read up on, if you google it, but I don't do it often as I lose my peace ;)


    Just my 2c worth. My hope will never be in the government of this land... only in Him Who will see His Kingdom come.

    Bless you!

  7. Amanda - All we can do is pray and leave it all in the hands of the Lord. I don't know the answer the question of boat people - I try and believe that we are not letting in the radical elements, but one can never be sure. We need to stick strong in our faith as God will never leave us no matter what happens.

    Yes, the number of abortions are very sad - what a tragedy that there are so many unwanted babies. They just become disposable like so many other things in this world.

    Ganeida - two of my family died as a result of suicide but no one talked about it, so I was in my teens before I found out. One was my grandmother. How sad to lose loved ones but no one wanted to talk about it in the open. Suicide is complete sadness to all those affected.

  8. These are very sad issues... and unfortunately in our world that is in a downward spiral, things are only going to keep getting worse. Thankfully we have a God who will never let it get completely out of control whilever His children remain in the world. That's a real comfort.

  9. It would not be a very easy job to lead a country and I suppose that is why we are told to pray for our leaders. With these elections looming it causes a lot of issues which affect our country to be raised.

    The two issues of abortion and suicide have such devastating effects on those that it touches. There truly needs to be more support and help in these areas. Unfortunately many young women who are faced with a unplanned pregnancy have no where to turn and with the doctors and maybe friends telling them to have an abortion they don't see any other way, they are told that to have an abortion is not murder as the baby is only a foetus. Many do not really understand how precious and alive this baby inside them is. It is a very sad state this world is in, fortunately we do have hope in God.


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