Surrendered to God

It is wonderful what miracles God
works in wills that are utterly
surrendered to Him.  He turns
hard things into easy, and bitter
things into sweet.  It is not that He
puts easy things in the place of the
hard, but he actually changes the
hard thing into the easy one.

-Hannah Whitall Smith -

* * *

What difficult things do you have this week?
Those things that feel like you have a mountain to conquer?
Surrender yourself to Him, as those hard things that worry
and stress you will turn out to be much easier
when you allow God to

Make haste to help me, O Lord my salvation. (Psalms 38:22)

* * *


  1. I truly needed that message today! Thank God for His promises.

  2. I love this post Jo... and the picture is so gorgeous. No matter how big the mountains seem in our life, our God is BIGGER! Nothing is too hard for Him! Amen!

  3. That is a fantastic picture, Jo. I love that *wild* scenery & the feeling or space & loneliness. Knowing what we should do & actually being able to do it are sometimes two different things though, I find.

  4. The photo is from the Swiss Aples - I thought it was very beautiful too. Yes Ganeida- can be very difficult to not worry about those difficult situations and leave it all up to God.

    Have a nice week:)

  5. It's one thing to know where we need to take our burdens... sometimes it's something completely different to actually take them to Him and consciously allow Him to make them easier to bear... We tend to want to hang onto them for some weird reason!! We need to constantly be reminded to give them to Him, thanks Jo - I needed the reminder today.


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