Art Wednesday

George Dunlop Leslie (1835 —1921)
English painter, author and illustrator

Leslie’s first exhibition at the Academy was in 1859 and showed his work every year thereafter.  His early work was influences by the Pre-Raphaelites, but he settle on a more “academic, aesthetic, style of painting” aiming to show the sunny side of British domestic life (I think he achieved this). Children are often subjects in his paintings.   Leslie’s work was highly regarded during his life. He also published several books: "Our River" (1888), "Letters to Marco" (1893) and "Riverside letters" (1896) which he illustrated in black and white.  They are based on his observations of life and nature. I just love Leslie's work.

"Sun and moon flowers"
"This is the way we wash our clothes"
(this painting was used in a soup advertisement)
"Her first place"
"Alice in Wonderland"
"The gold-fish seller"
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  1. oh, I love these - now I know why you said I would enjoy them! My children loved them too :) They are all beautiful, but Danny's favourite is "the gold-fish seller", and Dolly's favourite one is the "Alice in Wonderland" one, and mine is the "tea" one - they all have intricate details, but the tea set is just amazing!! Thank you for joining in our homeschool art lesson today! ;)

  2. I am so glad you liked them - they are some of my favourites. When I looked at the "Gold-fisher seller" I wondered if people did go door to door selling fish like that, I wondered how much water they would spill. Do ask Danny what he thinks?

    The little girl in Alice, is the daughter of the artist. I also liked "Tea", the lady has a very thoughtful look.

  3. These are all just amazing pieces of work. I like the one of the lady in front of the fireplace... her expression says it all! Complete with a little cat...

  4. I have the pic of the little girl *washing clothes* on file but did not know the artist. I am glad to find more of his work. It is lovely & expressive.

  5. Lovely! I really like this artist's work!

  6. I do like the Alice in Wonderland best, I think. I have so many wonderful memories of cuddling up with my mother and reading books as a child.

  7. Jo,

    I really enjoyed viewing this collection of art-work. I adore art-work featuring portraits of women, young or old, and I think he does a wonderful job of capturing the facial expressions on the faces of these subjects.

    Out of this collection, I would have to say that the picture entitled, "Tea" is my favorite. :)

    -Lady Rose

  8. I just LOVE these Art Wednesdays of yours. I could look at these paintings for hours. I love the expression of the little girl being read to...a little tired of posing maybe? What is so amazing about the faces is not only how lifelike they are, but the subtlety behind each expression...just the tiniest glimpse of personality in each face. Lovely. Thank you.


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