I woke up this morning, looked out of the window and was quite excited.  It was raining.  Yes, you heard me, I was excited to see rain on a Saturday morning. Outside was looking very glum and wet (this is part of my front garden), but that was going to be just fine with me.

Because I can spend the whole day indoors and do crafty things. . . 

I did go out for a little while to my local craft shop . . and to my surprise it was very busy with other ladies buying craft items as well. We must have all had the same idea!!

I bought a few things I didn't really need . . but isn't this lace so pretty . . and the roses are gorgeous . . my real reason was to buy some card for my paper tole pictures.
So what am I currently making . . I spend ages making paper tole pictures and it does seem such a waste to place them on cards that might end up in the bin after one has celebrated his or her birthday (unless I  send them to my mum and she re-uses them on other cards!!).  So I had an idea.  
 (below: sideways view of the picture)
Instead of placing the picture onto a card, why not create a lasting gift instead.  The one above is for a old friend of mine (who I went to school with).  What do you think?  Do you think this is a good idea.  You will notice that I have removed the glass, so the picture stands out from the frame, showing the 3D effect. The lady herself has a gloss so she shines nicely. 

* * *


  1. Very lovely, Jo, & such a nice idea for a wet Saturday.

  2. oh Jo, that is just so gorgeous! what a clever idea! I would say, go for it!

  3. All of those bits and pieces look so pretty to my non-crafty self. Love your gift card idea.
    Jo, I love the new header pic. Is it one of yours?

  4. No Ruby, the photo isn't mine- it is from Deviant Art.com

  5. The lady picture is beautiful, and would be a blessing as a gift.

    I love your header too! Beautiful! I love lavender and country gardens.

    Your front yard looks very nice and so does the seat I can see... I would love to sit there and enjoy a coffee if that was my front yard.

  6. Jo-
    I thik your sweet lady is beautiful - I LOVE her! What a wonderful gift for your friend!

    I love rainy days also - a perfect excuse to knit or craft - we are in total agreement about that my friend.
    We are off for a bit of travel -(Bermuda) (in between hurricanes - LOL!!) will be gone 10 days or so. Will catch up when I get back~~

  7. Beautiful work!!! I've been doing creative things on this rainy day too - perfect weather for it! :)


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