Whether sixty or sixteen, there
is in every human being's heart
the lure of wonder, the unfailing
childlike appetite of whats next,
and the joy of the game of living.

~Samuel Ullman~

Go out and discover something new this weekend!!

I'm off to read a book and put my feet up after
spending the morning gardening:

planting pansies for summer
planting bulbs
spreading cow manure around the garden (a bit smelly)
chatting to the plants offering words of encouragement!

* * *


  1. I admit, I thought the little sign said 'happy birthday' and was reading along thinking about whose birthday it was! Shows how are brains are trained for recognising things, making a wrong conclusion! lol...

    Enjoy your book! You must feel great after such a productive morning.

  2. Love the pic, Jo.
    Have a lovely weekend. We are celebrating my mother's birthday here. 81 today! I at first thought it was going to be a birthday as well.

  3. That is, at the top of your post

  4. hahahah - ladies you make me laugh - no birthdays, just a HAPPY SATURDAY!!!

  5. Happy Saturday (night) back to you:)

  6. We had a REALLY productive day here too - very tired feet here!! Looking forward to a relaxed evening :)
    Your garden will be gorgeous! Can you come and fix my garden too?? ;)

  7. Love to Clara:). Mine takes a lot of work and often the weeds get away from me, managing 2 gardens might be too much!!!

  8. As you have your feet up this weekend, do stop by the Washington Post website. www.washingtonpost.com and check out the slide show they have on the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. I'm not sure if you are familiar with him or not, but I found his paintings odd and smile evoking.


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