You have all tried so hard to guess those items from Friday - so here are the answers (some were very tricky).

Item 1: this is a darner from the 1920's.  Can anyone tell me how it worked. 

 Item 2: This is a sterling handled Australian souvenir button hook from 1914. The little map of Australia is missing Canberra (formed in 1913) and Tasmania!

Item 3: This is a adult Victorian Mourning Collar.  I assume it is worn over the dress.

 Item 4: Bog Oak Thimble Holder (!!) The body is 3.5cm wide with a 3 cm handle. Souvenir ware it is marked Cork on one side and it has shamrocks and an Irish harp as decoration around the body. Made circa 1880's.  That was a tricky one and could have been used for many different things!

Item 5: 1870s Bone Figural Knitting Needle Guards: In the shape of pigs' trotters these knitting needle guards have the original rosettes and elastic. At full stretch the piece is 22.5cm long - each trotter is 4cm long.  I have never heard of knitting needle guards and can't quite imagine how they work.

The link were I found all this stuff, there is other interesting items
(all up for sale!)

Have a wonderful week:)


  1. lol Jo, the thinmble holder really had me stumped! I couldn't quite work out the size or I'd have gone with the bed pan warmer as someone else suggested. I was so curious I right clicked, pressed save as & then googled the link it gave me. Voila!!! One thimble holder. I was charmed. It is a very lovely thing. ☺

    This was lots of fun. any chance you'll do another of these?

  2. oh wow! so cool! thanks for those interesting bits of information!

  3. Some of those were impossible to guess!! :P Fun post though! :)

  4. Jo,

    Well, I am grateful that you were kind enough to tell us the answers for these pictures, because as Clara stated, they were impossible to guess. However, it was fun. Maybe you can do it again sometime with different items? :)

    -Lady Rose


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