Advise for wives

Advise from"How to be a Good Wife" written in 1933

Don't overlook the fact that the average husband likes being made a fuss of.  If you give it honestly and don't gush about it, there is nothing he won't do for you.  Of course. it has got to be genuine.

Don't forget that it is every married woman's duty to come down in the morning with a smile.  It is the atmosphere of this early morning hour that largely colours the whole day, hence the advisability of your men folk going forth with the memory of a smile rather than a frown. 

Do endeavour at all times to look on the sunny side of things.  This is a fortune in itself.  Don't look on life through a smoked glass.

Don't feel aggrieved if your husband mentions with pleasure some dish that his mother use to make.  Write and ask her for the recipe and then give him a surprise by producing it.

Don't dress for other men or women, not even to outdo the latter, but dress for your husband. Do this with the same care that you did before you were married.  If there is a particular dress that he like, put it on occasionally even if it is out of fashion. 

Don't fail to laugh at your husband's jokes, even if they are poor bring out a smile for them or, otherwise, if you fail him, he will feel properly crushed.

Don't burden the ship of life with useless cargo.  Throw over everything which does not help to make the voyage more pleasant.

Do try not to fall into the common error of grumbling at the monotony of housework.  Learn to find happiness in doing it well.  A good laugh once a day will have the effect of making it seem much easier.

Don't carry on because your husband is not exactly what he was before your were married.  Then, you only saw him in his leisure hours: now you have him on a work-a-day footing.  And the two are not exactly the same.

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  1. Personally, I think this is
    wonderful advice. Thank you
    for sharing it.

  2. I agree with the lovely Sandy... but I confess, it did make me chuckle! Especially the one about laughing at his jokes.

    I love the way they used to word things... very matter-of-a-fact.

    Have a lovely Monday Jo.

  3. This is great...I enjoyed the advice on don't burden the ship! I can say I have been tending to smoke the that was good also.

    Even after 30 years I still need reminders...thanks for a great reminder.

  4. I had a chuckle at laughing at his jokes too! Come on, after twenty five plus years some of those not so funny jokes have just worn thin! The kids seem to take up the slack though! :-)
    I also like the no frills way the advise is given. Not like the pandering of today.

  5. Hello Jo,
    I'm happy you found me through blogging, thank you for your encouraging words, and joining my blog. I agree with Sandy's comment that this is great advice. I will try my best to apply what I've heard.
    Hope your having nice weather there in beautiful Australia, it's raining at my home in California and I love it.
    God bless you !!
    Michele Katherine

  6. It really is a small world! When we first got married, we were given that same exact plaque-The Happy Marriage Recipe!! I'm not sure if we even have it anymore, but you just brought me back in time nearly 19 years ago!

    Wonderful post too! Have a blessed week!

  7. I love these - the advice really is so timeless! I think I'll have to print this off to keep reminding myself... or maybe I can find it on a plaque somewhere... :)

    The jokes do get a bit old and worn out though, don't they...?

  8. With me, my mind had to be renewed on what a marriage should be. Submitting to my husband's God given authority was not easy. But when I chose to submit to my husband out of obedience to the Lord, I have seen HIS power manifested in my marriage.

    I am thankful in all the many..many ways the Lord has taught me on how to be a good wife.

    Great post!

    I can relate to not burdening the ship with useless cargo. Amen, to that!

  9. this made me chuckle:

    Don't feel aggrieved if your husband mentions with pleasure some dish that his mother use to make. Write and ask her for the recipe and then give him a surprise by producing it.

    My dh never did this but I did learn from his mum how to cook lamb chops that my dh likes and he just loves it but would never compare my cooking to hers, thank the Lord!

  10. Ladies, I have many more of these which I will share in coming months. What is surprising when I read this book, written in 1933, is much of it is still completely relevant.

    Joyfulmum- I made something for my dh using his mums recipe, I didn't like it (thought my recipe was better!) and he thought his mum's dish was far better then my attempt. Never made it since!

    Michele Katherine- thank you for dropping by. We have had some wonderful rain and if my garden could smile it would, it loves all this rain followed by the warm sunshine.

  11. well my friend, we could all use a little bit of that advice - (like everyday!) Love this!


  12. Seriously, wouldn't we have better marriages if we took the advice in this article? Love it!

  13. Because truth doesn't change....this is great, Jo. Thanks for sound reminders of loving our husbands well.


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