Apple blossom, lavender and daisies

The happiness of life is made up
of minute fractions - the little, 
soon-forgotten charities of a 
kiss or a smile, a kind look or a 
heartfelt compliment.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

* * *
I have spent the morning gardening.  I am covered in scatches and my back now aches!! But I am very pleased with what I got done - I have been digging up horrid mini bamboo that has gone feral in one of the beds.   Later today I will go off to Bunnings (the hardware/gardening centre) and buy some bags of straw and organic soil to put back into the garden bed.   Later this month I will start replanting the bed (as I have pulled almost everything out).  I love purple flowers (as you can see below) so I plan to plant a Lilac Tree (which I always find very romantic) plus more lavender and daisies (that are also purple!).
My garden is current a mass of flowers (bees are very busy) and it looks beautiful (bias opinion) and smell gorgeous.  The aim of my garden is to create a English Cottage garden that can cope with our hot dry summers and cold frosty winters.   This is tough but I have finally got plants that can cope very well. 
In case you are wondering why I refer to the garden as "my" garden - I am the gardening in the house - I have complete control over the front garden, whilst my husband potters in the back and side garden.  He isn't into flowers etc.. (!) and likes the look of a "jungle".   Nor does he have the time to dedicate to the front garden, something I really enjoy doing on a summers evening.

Time for lunch and a cup of Jasmine tea.

Have a beautiful weekend
Apple blossom (Pink Lady)

* * *


  1. Sounds wonderful, Jo! Beautiful pics! Looking forward to seeing your English garden when it's all done! :) And then you can come and fix mine ;) haha!

  2. Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL! I love lilacs too. (o:

  3. Hi Jo, the photos are very pretty and your garden sounds beautiful. I love blue/purple flowers too. Salvias, lavender,violas and lilacs are some of my favourites. A couple of years ago I planted 2 punnets of cornflowers and my back fence became a massive sea of blue-I just loved it!! God bless and happy gardening..Trish

  4. Jo,
    Your flowers are so lovely! Jasmine tea...sounds wonderful. I've never had any. The quote by Coleridge is such a keeper. I should post that one on my walls. Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Oh I love your flowers. Flowers make me happy! It took me a few years to find plants and flowers that could take the extreme summers here but I did find a few.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  6. So beautiful...I would love to come garden with you and learn!!! I hope to do that one day!
    Have a blessed weekend.

  7. Jo, love the photo's -- I assume they are your flowers. I think we all inherited a love of flowers and gardens from our Dad. Heaven is a garden -- that is what the word Paradise means. As to whether that is a garden in the sense we know one, I don't know. To me, it sounds better than streets of gold -- which is actually a symbolic description of the Church, the Lamb's wife, in contrast to the Harlot, the city of Babylon. The first thing God did on earth was plant a garden in Eden.

  8. I used to have four lilac trees (at a previous residence) How I miss them! Purple flowers are lovely, especially when paired with red tulips. And the scent of lavender coming up to the front of a house is very nice. Good choices.

    Thank you for sharing.

    p.s. I don't mind gardening when it comes to flowers, but food, well, it just seems more like WORK then pleasure.

  9. Jo,

    I enjoyed reading about your gardening projects as well as viewing some of the flowers from your garden. From how you describe it, your garden really does sound lovely!

    We don't have much space for a garden. Our garden consists of a strip of space in our backyard along our back fence, and since my husband has the green thumb (I, unfortunately, was blessed with a grey thumb), he tends to the flowers and plants.

    I wish you the best of luck with planting your lilac tree.


    -Lady Rose

  10. Lady Rose,

    Our front garden is quite big but has been a challenge as it contains a huge eucalyptus tree that takes water and nutrients out of the soil. It means I need to add lots of organic soil and mulch to improve the soil. It has taken me years to improve the soil so I can grow a large variety of plant.

    We have also had years of drought where I couldn't use the sprinklers, but this year we have had heaps of rain and what a difference it has made. My part of Australia has a tough climate that can be unforgiving on garden. But I think I am winning the battle - with lots of manual work!!

  11. Jo, I love the flowers you have chosen. I don't know much about gardening, but my dear Mum could transform any yard we ever had. She was incredibly blessed with a green thumb.

    I love gardens and would love to have my own one day.

  12. Your garden is amazing. I, too would love someday to have a garden to plant beautiful flowers and maybe even a veggie garden:)

    Be blessed!


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