I couldn't think of anything worthwhile to write about, so here is a collection of random photos from around my house!

. . .Happy weekend. . .

 Ruby turns 1 on the 13th November, isn't she gorgeous! She is the cuddliest cat I know.

The my youngest son turned 18 on Thursday and all he wanted was books about cichlids (a particular group of fish breeds).  In fact he is MAD about fish, it is all he talks about!
Here are two of his cichlids.

These are my new Russian Dolls - but they do have a very practical use, they are measuring cups. My last set of measuring cups were 24 years old, about time to upgrade.
 I was outside taking photos of the garden with Charlie and she saw a bird fly over, for around 30 seconds she stood on her back leg watching it.

 Stepping Heavenward, a novel written in 1880 by Elizabeth Prentiss and is about a young woman's journey through life from teenager to woman.  It is written in the form of a journal and shares Katy's coming to faith in Christ and then walking the life of faith with its many ups and downs, struggles, trying to balance the duties of marriage and motherhood, stretching a meager income for a growing family etc..  Sound familiar. I am thoroughly enjoying it and would recommend it to others.  Elisabeth Elliot is always an enjoyable read.
A flower from my garden, I just love the yellow.  These flowers drop seeds on the ground and hundreds of little plants spring up.  As a result I have a few of these shrubs around the garden adding colour.
This is a photo of my grandfather (Fredrick) taken when I was a little girl at one of our family picnics. This is how I remember him. He died when I was 7 years old.  He use to call me "lassie" and my brother "laddie" but I would get cross and say "that isn't my name, my name is Joanne"!! He was a proud Scotsman and the perfect gentleman.

* * *


  1. Hi Jo,
    You made me laugh by saying you didn't have anything to post about. Your funny! I have been reading blogs this evening (it's evening here in California) :o) , and most had posted pictures, so I think you had a good idea to post your photos, because it's how we get to know you better. I have not been able to write one poem, for what seems like an eternity, so I just posted a question, thats all I could come-up with, Oh and I got board so I added pictures to my former post.
    God bless you,
    Michele Katherine

  2. Ruby IS gorgeous. I love your measuring cups. I have a hodgepodge of them...one cup measure, and 3 1/3 cup measure. Usually I always use the 1/3 cup and have to multiply to figure out my measurements. LOL. I have a Bible study that goes with Stepping Heavenward. I haven't picked it up in a while, but it is very good. When I visited Scotland, that was my favorite favorite thing...to be called lass or lassie.

    Love your post. Have a good night.

  3. I sometimes call the boys in my household "lad"!! :)
    Those flowers are really pretty, Jo!
    I haven't seen many pictures of great-grandfather; I was quite interested to see this picture... Do you think any of his children look(ed) andything like him? I can't really see family looks in him....

  4. Great photos Jo! Love the one of Charlie up on her hind legs, like a little bear lol.

    I have that book "Stepping Heavenward"! Bought it from a Lifeline BookFest a few years ago. And I always enjoy Elisabeth Elliotts book too.

  5. Yes, all great pics.
    I was given Steppping Heavenward during my blindness and this has prompted me to dig it out and read it. Something I might just do tomorrow.
    Have a good weekend.

  6. I love looking at pictures.
    Thanks for sharing your very
    sweet ones. I just can't get
    over how much your Charlie
    looks like my Chloe. Ruby is
    beautiful too.
    I enjoyed your post, as

  7. I love those measuring cups. They are fabulous!

  8. Great pictures...I have that Elisabeth Elliot book on my wish list...now maybe I can find it at the 1/2 price book store.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I love it when you share pictures of your fur-babies with us, they are ADORABLE! (o:

  10. Jo,

    I enjoyed viewing the photos that you took around your home. I really enjoyed the Russian dolls that look like measuring cups. I have a set of Russian dolls too, but they are just for decoration. Maybe I will show them during one of my Wayward Wednesday entries.


    -Lady Rose

  11. gorgeous Jo! Loved looking at your pictures, it actually made for a very enjoyable "post". I am now catching up on all the past ones I've missed while we were away for a few days:)

  12. Love the measuring cups! My husband and I own several sets of matroushka, but I've never seen any that were quite as functional as yours!

  13. Love the photos Jo - especially the kitties - your cats are adorable. That is a great picture of your grandfather - a priceless momento for sure. love your Russian measuring cups also - pretty darn cute!



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