The simple woman's daybook: 1

Outside my window - no sun today only grey skies but I doubt it will rain so the towels on the line should dry as there is a light breeze. 

What am I thinking - about my youngest son who has gone for a walk along a Gorge with a couple of his friends and the parents of one.  As the weather isn't hot, it should be a very enjoyable walk.

What am I thankful for - my sons.

What am I wearing - a long black skirt with a purple long sleeve t-shirt and a sleeveless purple woolen vest (which as one large toggle at the front). Slippers on the feet for comfort.

I am going - nowhere today as it is a public holiday (Labour Day) - I am enjoying just being at home, but the next 4 days I will be at work.

I am reading - I am mid way through "Radical Womanhood: Feminine Faith in a Feminist World" by Carolyn McCulley.  It has been a great read, just finished the chapter on the role of Christian men and women in marriage - compared to the "worldly/feminist view".

I am hoping - for some warmer sunny weather this coming week.

From the kitchen - tonight's dinner is defrosting - Moroccan lamb mince (spicy) which will be added to pizza bases with feta cheese and once cooked covered in spinach leaves and garlic/mint yoghurt.

Around the house - this morning I did a quick tidy up, load of washing is on the line and I cleaned out Ruby's kittty litter (which she is pleased about).  My eldest son has just taken a boot load of old clothes, shoes and other items to the charity bin.  We all did a spring clean of the cupboards. 

What can I hear - the house is quiet, except for the sound of Percy Granger playing on the CD.  Ruby is next to me looking at the computer screen, she is being as quiet as a mouse!

One of my favourite things - a quiet afternoon at home with the sound of rain falling.

A few plans for the rest of the week - make a birthday card for a 5 year old, scan in some old photos for the family photo album, phone my parents to see how they are and go to work.

Verse for the day - "And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your Father also which is in heaven may forgive you your trespasses". Mark 11:25

My picture of the day - one of our ornamental fruit trees is in flower and last weekend I took some photos, this is one of them.  Trees throughout the neighborhood are in flower and they look so pretty at the moment, however we only need a few windy days to blow the petals off the trees, creating gorgeous confetti in pinks and white.

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  1. Have you had any rain over the weekend? This is our 3rd day of on-and-off rain! The book you're reading sounds interesting :) That's a pretty tree! :)
    Enjoy what's left of your PH! xo

  2. Clara-2 spots of rain, promised far more yet to see any. It looks like it might, but does appear to, you must be getting it all. All my washing has dried very well which is good. No sunny days though. It is humid but cool, I know this as my hair won't sit nicely!

    Yes, it is a very interesting book, thought provoking.

  3. Jo, that spicy lamb meal sounds delicious! We have Labor Day in May so it is back to the grind here today. Not too strenuous I have to admit and brilliant sunshine.

  4. What a delightful day for you Jo! I am with Ruby...dinner sounds divine! We are having spinach pie then we are painting a feature wall Lime Parfait! So into lime green at the moment! Have an awesome week! xxx

  5. Jo, I thought of you today, enjoying your PH! I know I loved them immensely when I was working full-time.

    You are such a wonderful home-maker, I can just feel it, even if I have never been to your home. I feel the peace that comes from you, and I know that would make your home extra inviting.

    I am glad you have done the Simple Woman's day book. It is a meme that suits you. Hope to see you do it again.

    Blessings to you precious sister. xoxo

  6. Yes, I agree with Amanda, you sound like a great home-maker!
    and your dinner sounds just delicious!

  7. We've not had much rain the last few months and could use some...Your Ruby looks just like my Smokey..he is lying beside me as I write this..enjoy your day off.
    Mama Bear

  8. Jo,

    I really enjoyed reading your daybook thoughts.

    I once had that book by Carolyn McCulley on my reading wish list. Maybe I should put it back on there again. :)

    Your dinner sounds lovely as well. They don't seel much lamb meat in my part of the world, and when they do, it's quite expensive, so we don't eat it too often.

    At any rate, take care, and have a blessed day.

    -Lady Rose

  9. Lady Rose - Lamb mince is usually half the price of beef mince so I buy it often - I think it has a nicer flavour compared to beef, but can be a little more fatty. It is great for meat balls.

    Sarah - I love the colour lime, it is such a happy colour - have fun painting.

    Thankyou ladies for your lovely comments - may you all have a lovely week:)

  10. Enjoyed reading your daybook, Jo. Your current read sounds good, and the 5 year old is going to be so happy to get one of your homemade cards. :) I, too, love afternoons of gentle rains falling. The rains here rarely last very long, and we don't often have quiet in the house. :)

  11. Oh yes, the 5 year old will be VERY happy and excited to receive your card!!! :D ;)

  12. I love lamb but I hardly ever get to have it as my husband doesn't like the taste. Spicy lamb sounds interesting.


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