Art Wednesday

There was always going to be an Art Wednesday that looked at one of my favourite animals and today is it - if you don't like cats, look away (but they are rather cute!).  The artists range from the famous (Renior) to the unknown. However they are all illustrate the wonderful loveable (and sometimes cuddly) character of our cat (domestic and wild).

I have to say though that this group of artists were lousy at thinking up good titles for their paintings, how creative are these: "five cats", "girl with cat", "playing with kitten"!!!

For some trivia:

The French Impressionist Renior was a cat lover and they are depicted in several of his paintings (I have included one in this list of paintings).

Mark Twain kepted 11 cats on his farm - some of their names were: Sour Mash, Apollinaris, Zoroaster, Blatherskite, Beelzebub!

Sir Wintson Churchill's marmalade cat Jock slept with his master, shared his dining table, and attended numerous war-time Cabinet meetings. If Jock was late for meals, Churchill would send servants to find him, waiting to eat til the cat was present. Jock was said to have been with his master when he died. Churchill also had a cat, Nelson, named after the famous British admiral.

Cat Dreams by Kliban
Woman with a cat by the Impressionist artist Renior (1875)
Playing with kitten by Emilie Munier (1840-1895)
Five cats (aren't they adorable!!)
Wild cats by Crista Forest
Frederick the Literate by Charles Wysocki
I have enjoyed 12 months of this wonderful artist as his cats have been gracing my calendar all year. Do check him out if you are cat lover his work is so full of detail. 
Girl with cat by William Morris (1856)
Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Drawing of a cat

If animals could speak the dog would be a a blundering outspoken fellow, but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much. Mark Twain

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  1. One of the nicest things to know about anyone is that they love cats! ☺ Enjoyed these ~ naturally. Thank you.

  2. Just love what Ganeida said
    and I agree. In fact, I find
    it hard to trust anyone who
    doesn't LOVE cats as much as
    I do. Enjoyed these pictures
    and knowing of your love of
    these precious animals.

  3. I love these Jo! Isn't that drawing amazing?!!

    I loved the one of the little girl playing with the kitten and the dog was next to her.

    Well Jo, I love cats, but dogs are my favourite... so.... what's your next Art Wednesday going to be about? ;-) hint hint :P

  4. Amanda - next weeks is already written but from memory there is some dogs (sort of!) - at another time perhaps.

    I have ideas for next week and the week after:) and the theme isn't dogs, something very different.

    Sandy - my cat Ruby sits next to me when I am on the computer so contributed to this story!!

  5. Cats are wonderful creatures and beautiful pets. We've had some great ones over the years. Sadly my hubby doesn't share my sentiments. He's a dog lover. Our dog, Bonnie, died recently and DH refused to replace her with a cat or another dog. We have a cockateil now..they are fun and sweet too.. but I miss curling up to read with a cuddly cat on my lap! Lovely, lovely post Jo :-) I think the drawing is amazing! blessings..Trish

  6. Being a cat lover myself I enjoyed this particular 'Art Wednesday' very much! (o:

  7. Where did the drawing come from? Who was the artist? Their hand control is superb! LL S


    This is the source link - it is very good

  9. Beautiful cat Jo. When I was growing up we always had cats but now we all have dogs, small ones!

    Have a beauty filled Thursday. xxxx

  10. This is great...and since we have one cat it is also fun! I always enjoy your art post!

  11. Humm, am I the only one not partial to cats? Sorry:(

    I do think kittens are adorable though. These paintings do depict such a gentleness and playfulness about them.

  12. Love the cat photos Jo - especially the first one! I have so been there~~ my sweet Bitty Kitty heads straight to the Sacred Yarn room every time I leave the house!


  13. A wonderful tribute to kitties and art! A great combination. I love Wysocki, as well. Anything with a cat in it is a good thing to me!


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