Wishing you all a lovely week

To those celebrating Thanksgiving this week
may the day be filled with joy and laughter.

This week I plan to do (God willing):
  1. Write my annual family Christmas letter ready to send shortly (I write an update of our goings on and send it around to family and friends with a Christmas card).
  2. Attend a work (my team) Christmas lunch on the 25th - we are going Spanish this year - being a small group, this is always an enjoyable meal.
  3. Enjoy the warm sunshine by sitting outside.
  4. Buy a new "everyday" handbag, this is always hard as I am fussy about bags - mine has died :-(
  5. Start a new book, yet to decide what as I have a pile to select from!
  6. Go to work, however it would be much nicer to be sitting in the garden reading as the weather is going to be so good this week!!  However, I have a research paper to finish.

What are you up to this week?


  1. A quiet week before our madness starts. It is wet, wild & windy here so some extra sleep & a good book are in order. Enjoy your week. It sounds lovely. ☺

  2. Thanks for reminding me about Thanksgiving - this will be only my 3rd year doing a thanksgiving meal; it takes a lot of preparation when the traditional American fare is not very familiar to you!!
    Your week sounds very pleasant. Our weather is supposed to start out reasonably pleasant and then get increasingly hot.
    This is a busy week as we wrap up our school year! :) We're all hanging out for the summer break!! :)

    Enjoy your week! xo

  3. Thank you for the Thanksgiving blessings. I receive them in the name of Jesus.

    This weekend I, too was on the hunt for a handbag. It's been awhile and I was surprised to see how expensive they are.

  4. YOur "to do" list is quite ambitious dear Jo! Good luck with those tasks. The dinner sounds like fun - and shopping for a new purse is always fun for me! Will anxiously wait to see what y ouare reading next! I keep forgetting that you are having summer there~~


  5. Have a great week, Jo.
    Plenty to give thanks for here even if we don't do the day!

  6. Sydney - handbags are so expensive here too - I know what I want so that should make it easier!! It needs to have a long strap so I can put it across my shoulder.

  7. Christmas letter for me too. Somehow I'm struggling to get inspired, but it is a great recod of our year when it is done!

    I'm handbag searching as well. Meh.

    Spanish food sounds fun! Have a great night.

  8. Jo, I am always fussy about my handbags too! I like them to be just the right size, and comfortable over my shoulder lol.

    Hope you find one you love!

  9. Thanks for reminding me to get organised for Christmas! Life has been hectic here:)


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